September 29, 2023
Cruzeiro: Nikão celebrates comeback and makes a strong statement after goal against Santos

Cruzeiro: Nikão celebrates comeback and makes a strong statement after goal against Santos

Cruzeiro finally gave joy to its passionate fans again in the Brazilian Championship. In the middle of Vila Belmiro, Raposa beat Santos 3-0, on Thursday night (14), ending their streak of triumphs and moving away from the relegation zone. Scorer of Cabuloso’s third goal, Nikão gave an interview to Premiere on the edge of the field and made a strong statement.

Cornered by coach Pepa, Nikão returned to play with the Cruzeiro shirt in Zé Ricardo’s debut and helped the Minas Gerais club to victory in Santos. During the interview, the midfielder recounted the difficult moments he had to overcome in recent months, cited a long list of thanks and said he was happy with his personal comeback.

“For me it’s a mix of feelings. Only God and my family, my wife, my two sons, João and Thiago, know what I went through. I went through a very difficult time professionally. But I’m very happy to have scored today, to help Cruzeiro achieve this victory, which hasn’t been achieved for some time. Happy for the arrival of Zé (Zé Ricardo), who is a guy who gave me complete confidence. He is a guy who is very well regarded in football circles, his management, his way of dealing with athletes. I dedicate this goal to him and to everyone, employees, athletes who, during the time I was without playing, were there with me supporting me”, said Nikão, before finishing:

“It’s very easy for people to be on your side when things are going well. But that moment was good, because I could see who was really on my side, who was really rooting for me and believed in me, my potential and my work. So I just have to glorify a lot, celebrate a lot today, thank God for this moment and everyone at the club. To Ronaldo, Paulo André and especially Paulo Autuori, who is a guy I have as a reference in football”.

Nikão’s numbers in Santos x Cruzeiro

Despite having only played 22 minutes, as he came on during the second half, it can be said that Nikão was the highlight of Cruzeiro’s victory at Vila Belmiro. According to Sofascore, a portal specialized in football data and statistics, the number 10, in addition to the goal scored and the assistance granted, created two great chances and made two decisive passes.

To complete the recital, Nikão completed 100% of his passes (6/6) and managed an interception. Thanks to his stellar performance, the midfielder has a good chance of receiving more opportunities with Zé Ricardo in charge.

Ronaldo celebrates impressive victory for Cruzeiro

Quoted by Nikão, Ronaldo greatly celebrated Cruzeiro’s victory over Santos at Vila Belmiro. Present in one of the stadium’s boxes, the manager of SAF da Raposa cheered on each goal and, on social media, also praised the result.

“Big and very important victory! We’re going for much more, trust me!”

Ronaldo has been under pressure from the Celestial fans in recent weeks, mainly due to the negative results in the Brazilian Championship and the signing of Zé Ricardo, which was highly rejected by a large part of the Cruzeiro fans. It is worth noting that Fenômeno had his first contact with the new coach precisely in Santos, in the hotel where the Raposa delegation stayed.

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