October 1, 2023
Flamengo: Deliberative Council rejects extension of presidential term and meeting ends in confusion

Flamengo: Deliberative Council rejects extension of presidential term and meeting ends in confusion

On Thursday night (14), Flamengo’s Deliberative Council held a meeting in Gávea to vote on three amendments to the club’s statutes. Two had final results, and the last one ended up suspended, leading to confusion and even exchange of blows between counselors. The proposal to extend the in-person mandate from three to four years was unanimously rejected. As a result, the current model, which provides for a three-year period and the possibility of re-election, was maintained.

Subsequently, the proposed statutory amendment was voted on, providing for the creation of a three-year strategic plan or its readjustment to a four-year plan. The project was approved by the majority of those present. Therefore, the plan for the next elected administration must be presented by the Board of Directors, with technical opinions from the Fiscal Council and the Permanent Finance Committee.

Confusion began during vote on the third amendment

Finally, the third amendment to be voted on, which dealt with the exclusion of candidates with political positions from Flamengo’s presidential elections, caused divergence and a lot of confusion in Gávea.

Advisors against the amendment guarantee that Antônio Alcides, president of the club’s Deliberative Council, decreed the result of the election with the majority approving rejection of the proposal. On the other hand, people in favor of the project stated that it was not clear whether the session had ended.

Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, former president of Flamengo and possible candidate for the club’s next presidential election, gave an interview after the session and vehemently criticized the way in which violence took over the meeting. It is worth noting that the former representative is against the proposal, as he holds the position of federal deputy and, as mentioned, intends to run again for the red-black election.

“Before this Council session, you had asked me what I thought and I thought it was a scam. But I thought it was just a statutory scam. But it was much more. The amendment was read, appreciated, voted on, we won 80% to 20%. Everyone saw it. The President of the Council declared the result. And then, he was violently pressured, the microphone was taken from his hand, and he was forced to cancel the session. What was a statutory coup became a brutal coup. There were no tanks because you can’t get in, but we saw an act of violence to try to change a democratic decision. If they do not falsify the decision in the minutes of the meeting, the president will be proclaiming the result”, said Bandeira de Mello, before adding:

“Now I don’t know what will happen. Are you going to call another meeting? Wednesday afternoon, with a reduced quorum? We won. Flamengo’s advisors expressed their sovereign opinion for democracy, but this was tarnished by the decision of some dissatisfied advisors”, concluded the former president.

Landim is present and denies influence in the first amendment voted

Current president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim was present at the Deliberative Council meeting. Right at the beginning of the session, the red-black president asked to speak and assured that he had no influence on the proposal that provided for the extension of the presidential term. At the end of the speech, he categorically stated that he will leave the club presidency on December 31, 2024.

President of the Deliberative Council is insulted during session

President of the Flamengo Deliberative Council, Antônio Alcides was cursed by the opposition when he proposed a recount of votes in relation to the third amendment discussed. Several councilors present pointed out that the voting format had changed several times.

In short, the voting format established that whoever stood up from their chair was in agreement with the amendment in question. Anyone who remained seated would disapprove. Advisors then assured that in the proposed recounts, the instruction was modified. The confusion angered the opposition, who began to curse the council president. Alcides, in turn, guaranteed transparency and seriousness in the electoral process.

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