October 1, 2023
Grêmio: Renato Gaúcho and Reinaldo are suspended for four games

Grêmio: Renato Gaúcho and Reinaldo are suspended for four games

Due to the expulsions in the game against Santos, in the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship, coach Renato Portaluppi and left-back Reinaldo, from Grêmio, received a four-game suspension. They will also have to pay a fine of R$1,000.00.

The trial at the STJD took place last Thursday (14). Due to objects thrown by fans in the same game, Santos will have to play in two matches behind closed doors at Vila Belmiro.

Remember expulsions

Reinaldo and Renato were sent off in stoppage time of Grêmio’s 2-1 comeback defeat. In the 47th minute of the second half, the full-back received his second yellow card after committing a foul on Dodi in a dispute on the side of the field. In summary, referee Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva reported that, after the red card was issued, Reinaldo approached him and said “you’re kidding us, you’re stealing from us”.

Grêmio: Renato Gaúcho and Reinaldo are suspended for four games
Referee Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva expelled Reinaldo and Renato. Photo: Fernanda Luz/Icon Sport

Renato’s expulsion was a consequence of Reinaldo’s. After what happened, the coach complained to the fourth referee Ilbert Estevam da Silva. According to the summary, he shouted “you need to go see the VAR, I’m tired of being robbed”, and made the traditional robbery gesture with his hands.

Renato recognized error

At the press conference after the game, Renato acknowledged that he had gone beyond the point. But he reiterated his annoyance regarding the second yellow card given to Reinaldo.

— I deserved to be expelled. But I went to charge the referee and the fourth referee that it wasn’t even Reinaldo’s fault. He gave a second yellow card. The linesman was on the side of the play, he could have helped him, he didn’t. And I’m not making excuses. In the worst case scenario, it was a foul, but it wasn’t a foul for a yellow card. And then I got excited. I told the fourth referee that I was tired of being robbed. I was wrong. I’m assuming the error. The expulsion was fair — he commented.

Punishment goes to Gre-Nal

Grêmio’s legal department must resort to punishments, or try to have a suspensive effect. However, if they are maintained, Renato and Reinaldo will be left out of an important sequence of games for the Brasileirão, which includes the classic Gre-Nal. Check out the next four Tricolor Gaúcho matches:

  • Corinthians x Grêmio, Neoquímica Arena, São Paulo/SP – September 18th (Monday), at 9pm;
  • Grêmio x Palmeiras, Arena do Grêmio, Porto Alegre/RS – September 21st (Thursday), at 9:30 pm;
  • Fortaleza x Grêmio, Castelão, Fortaleza/CE – September 30th (Sunday), at 4pm;
  • Internacional x Grêmio, Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre/RS – October 8th (Sunday), at 4pm.

Cuibando joins the delegation

With Reinaldo’s momentary absence for the game against Corinthians, left-back Cuiabano was called up in a hurry. He has already joined the Grêmio delegation in Atibaia, where the team is concentrated.

Grêmio: Renato Gaúcho and Reinaldo are suspended for four games
Cuiabano in Grêmio training. Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio FBPA

Cuiabano did not travel initially due to muscle pain, which is why he did not train in the days leading up to the match against Bragantino. Another alternative for the position is the boy Wesley Costa, who is also concentrated in the interior of São Paulo.

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