September 29, 2023
Grêmio’s goalkeeper’s failure drives Farid crazy, who mentions his rival and goes viral on the networks

Grêmio’s goalkeeper’s failure drives Farid crazy, who mentions his rival and goes viral on the networks

Grêmio was defeated by RB Bragantino on Thursday night (14) by the score of 2 x 0, in a game valid for the 23rd round of the Brazilian Championship. Massa Bruta’s goals were scored by João Pedro (own goal) and by Vitinho, who took advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Gabriel Grando.

And speaking of Grêmio’s goalkeeper, Grando was one of the characters most criticized by Farid Germano Filho, a commentator known for his acidic opinions. In Massa Bruta’s 2nd goal, the archer missed the goal and made Vitinho’s job easier, who with the goal empty, scored the 2nd goal in Bragança Paulista.

In fact, taking advantage of the Grêmio goalkeeper’s unhappy night, Farid took the opportunity to make a comment remembering Grêmio’s interest in Rochet, currently at their biggest rival, Internacional, but who almost didn’t wear the Tricolor mantle.

For the commentator, the Grêmio board did not have the necessary efficiency to contact the Uruguayan national team’s starting goalkeeper, and is now suffering from the performance of Grando, who, in the opinion of a large part of the fans, is not up to the task of being a starter for the Gaucho team. .

Farid himself would have stated that Rochet would be hired by Grêmio during the 2nd transfer window of Brazilian football, with the deal not being completed, the club was left with Gabriel Grando.

Grêmio doesn’t have a goalkeeper, so the club’s management sucks and doesn’t bring Rochet. Rochet had an agreement with Grêmio, and can demand from Farid, who gave the information about Rochet’s arrival, but I’m not the one who hires him! Said the commentator after Tricolor’s defeat against RB Bragantino.

Farid’s reaction after Grêmio’s defeat turns into a discussion on Twitter

As it could not be otherwise, once again the commentator was among the most talked about topics on social media after another defeat by Grêmio in the Brazilian Championship. Regarding the information about Rochet’s arrival, Farid also said that Luis Suárez had rented a property in Brazil so the Uruguayan goalkeeper could settle.

Therefore, the fans, mainly from Internacional, joined the wave, and took the opportunity to react in relation to Tricolor’s defeat, and also comment on Farid’s speeches, in relation to the defeat, and also on his reaction after the below-average performance. by Grande.

Grêmio’s vice-president of football even investigated the hiring of Rochet

On August 3, Antônio Brum, Grêmio’s vice-president of football, stated that he had not made any official proposal to sign the Uruguayan goalkeeper, although he had carried out a survey at the beginning of the season.

The club’s representative also said that he would not pay the amount invested by Internacional in signing the player, despite recognizing his quality, in a position that, according to critics and fans, lacks a more trustworthy name.

With no hiring options for the goal, Grêmio tried to use players from the youth teams. Adriel was the first to be used, and stood out during the campaign that culminated in the Campeonato Gaúcho title.

However, he ended up losing his starting position to Gabriel Grando, who took advantage of the opportunity in the Copa do Brasil to take over the position in Grêmio’s goal. Adriel ended up on loan to Bahia, and Brenno, another option from the base, went to Bari, in Italy, so the club signed Caíque, from Ypiranga.

It remains to be seen whether Renato Gaúcho will promote an exchange of Grando for Caíque, or whether the coach will give the young goalkeeper one more chance until the end of the season.

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