October 1, 2023
Tanlongo thanks Diogo Gonçalves: ″He’s a great companion″

Tanlongo thanks Diogo Gonçalves: ″He’s a great companion″



Midfielder on loan from Sporting spoke for the first time after moving to Copenhagen. He values ​​the help of the ex-Benfica winger.

Tanlongo was used for the first time in Copenhagen, playing in the friendly against FC Fredericia which ended in a 2-0 victory for the capital club. Still without minutes in official competitions, thus remaining unknown to local fans, the midfielder loaned by Sporting says he is more adapted and is grateful to ex-Benfica player Diogo Gonçalves.

“I’m getting to know my teammates, but I’ve already realized that it’s an excellent group. I understand most of the things that are said in English, but sometimes I need people to repeat things to me. Diogo Gonçalves is a great teammate and has helped a lot with my adaptation”, he told the Bold newspaper, adding his satisfaction at having returned to the pitch after being away from the Leonine squad in the pre-season: “I’m very happy with my first game.”

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