September 29, 2023
Vagner Mancini defends Brazilian coaches in the Brazilian National Team and is criticized on social media

Vagner Mancini defends Brazilian coaches in the Brazilian National Team and is criticized on social media

Vagner Mancini was elected president of the Brazilian Federation of Football Coaches of Brazil and gave an interview to Globo Esporte. In his speech, the current Ceará coach reinforced that his mission at the head of the entity will be to work to increase the appreciation of Brazilian professionals in the country.

Of the 20 clubs that compete in Series A of the Brazilian Championship, 11 are coached by foreign professionals, which, according to Mancini, is the result of public opinion, which “defends” the coach coming from abroad, to the detriment of coaches trained in Brazil.

Mancini also added that he was surprised to hear the news that the CBF had met with Carlo Ancelotti to be the new coach of the Brazilian team. For the president of the FBTF, the arrival of a foreigner to lead Brazil only reinforces how devalued the Brazilian coach has become.

On Twitter, Mancini’s speech was not well accepted by the fans. In most of the comments made in a publication by journalist André Rizek, users point out that the coach contradicted himself in some statements, and would not be the best representative to take his position in the Coaches Federation.

Fans criticize Mancini interview

Fans recalled some of Vagner Mancini’s controversial spells in his 20-year career, with more than 20 clubs coached. One of the points mentioned was the fact that the coach preaches the continuity of professionals in the clubs, but on more than one occasion, he changed clubs in the middle of work to close another contract. The six demotions on his resume were also put forward as justification for not considering the content of his interview.

The fact that the Brazilian team lost its identity after winning the fifth championship in 2002, and the continued failures in practically all international competitions played was also a topic raised in the discussions.

Brazil’s latest World Cup campaigns are considered, to say the least, disappointments. Brazil stopped in the quarterfinals of the 2006, 2010, 2018 and 2022 World Cups, and in 2014, it was defeated by Germany, in what is considered to this day as the biggest embarrassment in the history of Brazilian football.

Brazil’s problem is the lack of “different” players

Brazilian football has always been characterized by offensive play, dribbling and creativity. With the increasingly early “Europeanization” of our players, what remains in the DNA of the team is the more positional, tactical game, and with more passing exchanges played in Europe.

For some of the critics, and the fans, as long as Brazilian players continue this cycle of leaving for European clubs since their first steps as a professional, the tendency is for Canarinho to increasingly have the profile of a European team, which would consequently bring the discussion that this is not the time for a coach from another country to take on the role of coach of the national team comes to the fore.

The moment calls for a retraining of Brazilian football professionals, and an adaptation to the game model implemented, not only in Europe, but also in other centers such as Africa, which with Morocco, finished the last World Cup in 3rd place for the 1st time in history.

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