Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Artur Jorge wants to beat Farense with a more quality performance.

Winning with a “performance befitting the quality” of Braga is the ambition demonstrated by coach Artur Jorge for the trip to Farense, Saturday, in the fifth round of the I League.

After the difficult victory achieved at Moreirense’s ground (3-2), in a delayed game on the third round, Artur Jorge anticipated a game in Faro with an opponent with “very similar” characteristics, that is, a very competitive and combative team, which presents itself structurally in the same way”, stressing that playing for São Luís “is always difficult”.

“I hope it will be a highly demanding game for us and we have to be at our best to reach the goal of adding three more points with a victory that I hope will be worthy and with a performance befitting the quality of the team, we have to be committed from the first to the last minute”, he said.

The coach’s “alert” is related to the first period in Moreira de Cónegos, after which the Braga team were losing 2-1, then turned the score around, with the winning goal arriving in the added time (90 +6), by Al Musrati.

“We didn’t have a first half befitting the value of the team and the alert, for everyone, players and coach alike, must remain so that we don’t make the same mistake”, warned the coach.

Artur Jorge wants the team prepared for an opponent who will “create a lot of problems, because they have individual and collective quality”.

“I want to win the game based on a display of great character and quality, these are the hallmarks we want this team to have in all competitions”, reinforced the coach.

Braga begins a period of “great competitive density” on Saturday, with six games (four for the championship and two for the Champions League) in the space of three weeks and the Minho team want to “fight for victory” in each of them and ” cement” the team’s position in the main places of the I League.

Last season, in the fourth round, Sporting de Braga had 17 goals scored and three conceded, while this season they only recorded nine goals scored and seven conceded, but for Artur Jorge the most important thing is to win and get the three points.

“The important thing for me at this point is to evaluate the final result, we can improve in the offensive and defensive chapter to be a regular and balanced team and that has to be based on winning. What is recorded are the victories and the number of points achieved”, he said.

Saturday’s game will mark a special meeting between father and son, with the coach facing the central defender of the same name in the Algarve.

“It’s a moment of some satisfaction for me and Artur (Jorge), but also of some discomfort, which I believe is worse for him. But, one of the advantages is that we know each other very well, better than anyone else, we are competitive and determined and I expect nothing less than Artur leading a determined Farense and me, on this side, leading Sporting de Braga”, he said.

This week was marked by a tragedy in Libya, the country where Al Musrati is from, with the death of several thousand people due to floods caused by rain and the consequent destruction of dams.

“I spoke to Al Musrati and, fortunately for him, his family does not live in the most affected area. He is sad about what happened in his country, but he is fine”, revealed Artur Jorge.

Álvaro Djaló, with whom Artur Jorge has worked since the B team, renewed his contract with the club until 2027, and the coach noted that it is a case that “is an example” for youth players to be able to aspire to have an opportunity to compete in the main team. .

Braga, ranked seventh, with seven points, and Farense, 15th, with three, will face each other from 6pm on Saturday, at the Estádio de São Luís, in Faro, a game that will be refereed by António Nobre, from the association from Leiria.

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