October 1, 2023
Who should be Aguirre’s replacement at Santos?

Who should be Aguirre’s replacement at Santos?

Diego Aguirre is no longer Santos coach. After five games and a sequence of four defeats and just one victory, the Uruguayan coach could not resist the setback against Cruzeiro, in Vila Belmiro, 3 x 0, and was removed from command of the team on Friday afternoon (15).

On the internet, Santos fans are already starting to discuss who the club’s new coach could be, which in the last three years has had no less than 10 different coaches. In addition to the lack of planning and a clear long-term football project, on the field, the team is going from bad to worse, with the risk of being relegated for the first time in its history becoming increasingly real.

Name suggestion for Santos’ new coach has repercussions

Among the names most mentioned by Santos fans to take over the team this season are Flamengo’s current coach, Jorge Sampaoli, and also Cuca, recently left Corinthians.

The latter even reached the final of the Libertadores by Santos himself in 2020, being defeated by Palmeiras 1 x 0. However, Cuca’s suggestion caused disagreement due to his conviction for rape in 1989, and despite being public, it still won more body after being signed by Corinthians at the start of the Brasileirão.

The name of Flamengo’s current coach is also requested by many internet users. In 2019, the Argentine had a great season with Peixe, finishing the competition with runner-up Brasileirão, behind Rubro Negro himself, coached at the time by Jorge Jesus.

It is worth remembering that in the last round of that championship, the two teams faced each other in Vila Belmiro, and Peixe, on an inspired day, scored a 4 x 0 defeat over their Rio rival. After Santos, Sampaoli transferred to Atlético-MG the following season.

Santos situation could get worse

With 21 points on the Brazilian Championship leaderboard, Peixe is in 17th place, and is currently four points away from Goiás, which is the first team outside the relegation zone.

Esmeraldino faces Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque, later, at 9:30 pm. If they manage to surprise and beat the Alviverde team, the distance to Santos would increase to seven points, which can be considered large considering the number of rounds until the end of the Brasileirão.

After three consecutive defeats, Peixe resumes its planning and focuses once again on preparing for the next challenge within the competition. In the next round, Santos will face Bahia, who recently signed Rogério Ceni, away from home.

The game against Tricolor Baiano is scheduled to take place at 8pm (Brasília time). Even if they manage to win, Santos remains in the relegation zone due to Goiás’ score.

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