September 28, 2023
″Those who compete in high competition cannot relax at all″

″Those who compete in high competition cannot relax at all″

Statements by Ricardo Horta, Braga captain, after the defeat at Farense, 3-1, in the fifth round of the championship

Analysis: “We always played to win. It was a very unfortunate day for our team, nothing went well for us. We hit the post and conceded the first goal in the next play, but it was a weak game on our part, we have to improve a lot for the rest of the season.”

Thinking about Naples? “No. We were very focused on this game, we knew it was a difficult field, we wanted the three points, but we didn’t get it. Now we have to react, improve what we have to improve and give a good response on Wednesday.”

Fragile team? “We cannot be weakened. Those who are involved in the high competition of football and in the competitions we have, we have games every three days or four in four, we cannot relax at all and we have to give an answer on Wednesday. It will be a very important game for us and I’m sure we’ll give a much better image than we did here.”

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