Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

“Very happy” to reach 50 games for Benfica’s first team, in Vizela, talks about the feeling of wearing the leader’s armband and points to the Champions League: “We want to get on the right foot”

Benfica’s visit to Vizela allowed António Silva, starter in the match on matchday five, to reach the milestone of 50 games with an eagle on his chest. The central defender says he is “very happy” to reach this record and speaks of a “very good feeling”, remembering that his goal “was always to play the first game”. “Fifty games with a lot of commitment, which is what I always try to do during every game, and I hope to add more”, he assures Bplay, remembering that he was “nervous” before the debut, against Boavista, in a match in which he saw a yellow one at an early stage. Still, he stresses: “It was a very positive debut.”

Recognizing that the challenge in Vizela was “very special” as it was the 50th game, he highlights, however, that the important thing “was the team’s performance, especially in the first half, and the victory”, stressing that the championship “is the biggest objective” of the club.

Gaining weight in Roger Schmidt’s accounts, António Silva is already one of the captains and speaks of “an objective also achieved”. And he guarantees that he enjoys wearing the captain’s armband. “In training I wore the armband many times and I think that, as a leader, I can always give a little to the team, also because of my youth, I can also help the team. I like to feel that responsibility and my colleagues placed that responsibility on me and I’m very happy about that”, he declares.

Despite the status, he promises not to slow down. “Things were going well and for now I have been playing, but I have to keep working because if not, I have very strong competition, both in my position and also in other positions on the field, Benfica is full of great players and at least All I can do is work as hard as I can”, he guarantees.

After beating Vizela, Benfica aims to debut in the 2023/24 edition of the Champions League, against RB Salzburg. And António Silva wants to continue the good performance of recent years. “Benfica is used to, in recent years, doing great performances in the Champions League and we want to get off on the right foot. We play at home, we clearly want a victory and I think that’s the objective.”

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