September 29, 2023
″No one likes to leave by choice after 20 minutes…″

″No one likes to leave by choice after 20 minutes…″

Statements by Paulo Sérgio, coach of Portimonense, after the triumph over Vitória, in Guimarães, after having been losing 1-0

Analysis: “In the first half, we were unfortunate in the way we conceded the goal, with a rebound that went into our goal in a balanced game. The game was very divided, but as soon as I conceded the goal I had to take a risk, put pressure on Vitória to leave, we changed to playing at the back with three as well, and the game was very divided. We said at half-time that Vitória hadn’t done more than us to have an advantage. We corrected it, we managed to have more play, create more football, we defended, here and there, clumsily.”

Second part: “After (the break), it was always about believing, we were betting and taking risks, we risked everything we had to risk. I was angry when we made it 1-1, because Vitória got disorganized. Vitória missed some passes, we benefited from that . Maybe the lack of a victory would take away our judgment, it was tiring, Carlinhos has a fantastic detail after the goal. Sometimes I hit him in the head, he has a great shot and spends a whole game without shooting on goal. We have a team with people new team that came in, there’s a lot of work ahead. We’re going to lose, we’re going to win, but we’re going to compete, what happened in the first two rounds cannot happen. It’s an image that we’re going to have to work hard to erase. We were competitive today, fighting for each ball in the entire space of the field.”

Lucas Ventura’s displeasure at being substituted, in the 20th minute: “I haven’t spoken to him yet. He wasn’t rude, he’s already left more times early in the game to protect him. I needed to take a risk, no one likes to leave after 20 minutes, in a little while I’ll give him a hug and explain, no I’m very fond of giving them, but he’s a good boy and because of his character I’m going to talk to him, no one likes to leave by choice after 20 minutes.”

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