September 29, 2023
Calleri goes from hell to heaven with São Paulo fans during the final

Calleri goes from hell to heaven with São Paulo fans during the final

Argentine striker Jonathan Calleri was the scorer of the solitary goal in São Paulo’s historic victory over Flamengo this Sunday (17). The ball in the net gave Tricolor the advantage of a draw in the return of the Copa do Brasil final, scheduled for next Sunday (24), in Morumbi. Despite this, the São Paulo club’s number nine experienced ups and downs in the match, especially before the goal, and at that moment the fans did not forgive him.

Calleri had the first chance in the 16th minute, when he anticipated defender Léo Pereira and completed a cross from Rodrigo Nestor, which was saved by Matheus Cunha in two halves. This move would be repeated, even in goal. Again from the midfielder on the left to the attacker, this time low, the Argentine was unable to reach the ball and make the touch that would be deadly for Flamengo. From that moment on, the São Paulo team’s social networks were flooded with negative messages directed at the attacker.

Some fans said that the player is a “popper” and “bad”, there were also ironies with his music, changing the lyrics to “play on Calleri and he will miss a goal” and even a fan saying he missed former striker Luis Fabiano. Check out some of the criticisms, before the goal scored by the tricolor center forward.

After the goal, created precisely by Nestor’s cross and completed by Calleri at the second post, everything became wonderful for the attacker among the tricolors and the affection for the Argentinean got back on track. There was even a “queue” to apologize to the player.

Goal can make Calleri turn around in a negative moment – ​​on and off the pitch

Calleri confided in his loneliness in Brazil in an interview with the program “Botines Sensibles”. The attacker lives alone in São Paulo and, after breaking up with his girlfriend, he felt depressed. After the victory over Santos, still in July, when he scored two goals and made his team win 4 x 1, the Argentine arrived home and was lonely, with no one to celebrate or share with.

– I was the highlight in the classic, I scored two goals, and I felt like I wasn’t happy. Arriving at my house and being alone and feeling alone, and I didn’t care who I was three hours ago. I didn’t care that the newspapers were talking about ‘Calleri scoring two goals in a classic again’. That day I became the Argentine with the most goals in the history of São Paulo and the second foreigner with the most goals in the history of São Paulo, and I didn’t care, you know? The only thing I wanted was to feel good, and I didn’t feel good – said the athlete, who added:

– Football was fine, but I arrived at my house, a big house, where before it was full of people, and I arrived and couldn’t hear anyone – he concluded.

Today’s goal gave São Paulo’s top scorer of the year to the Argentine, now with 11 balls in the net, one in front of Luciano.

São Paulo takes an important step towards an unprecedented Copa do Brasil title

The most São Paulo achieved in the Copa do Brasil was a runner-up, in 2000, after being surpassed by Cruzeiro. Now, Tricolor took a giant step and got closer to lifting the national cup for the first time in history. In addition to the result, the sober performance of Dorival Júnior’s team draws attention and shows the maturity of this squad.

At Morumbi, next week, the team just needs a draw, but don’t expect that from Tricolor. If in the first stage, in the middle of Maracanã, the São Paulo team dominated possession (61% x 39%) and came out victorious after stacking up chances, at home it must be very close to that, even more pushed by the more than 60 thousand fans.

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