September 28, 2023
″FC Porto is always one of the teams I pay attention to″

″FC Porto is always one of the teams I pay attention to″

Statements by Patrick van Leeuwen, coach of Shakhtar Donetsk, in a press conference previewing the meeting with FC Porto, scheduled for 8pm on Tuesday and counting for the first round of the Champions League group stage

What do you think about playing in Hamburg: “The club decided to play here, in Warsaw it was less interesting this time. There is a lot of interest in international games here in Hamburg and Ukrainian ones nearby. Ticket sales say it was a good decision and we are happy with the change.”

Unavailable: “Some defenders have been unavailable for a few weeks now, but we are happy with who we have available.”

Goalkeeper Dmytro Riznyk is mourning his brother’s death in the war. You can play? “He traveled with the team, which means he is available to play.”

Analysis of FC Porto: “I always look carefully and very carefully at foreign teams. FC Porto is always one of the teams I pay attention to, they have the same ideas about football as I do, in the development of young people and in giving them opportunities in the first team. I also I have many friends who worked and work at the club, so I follow it closely.”

Changes in Ukraine before and after the invasion: “It’s my second experience in Ukraine. I already worked as director of Shakhtar’s academy. It’s much more difficult to play, to move from one city to another. All the clubs that are participating in the league do their best. Football is progressing in Ukraine, yet giving young Ukrainians more opportunities to develop.”

Feeling: “It’s the only way we can help Ukraine at the moment, give our young people opportunities to play in the Champions League and share the state of things in Ukraine.”

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