October 1, 2023
Flamengo: fans pay homage to historical idols in mosaic in the Copa do Brasil final portugalfutbol.net

Flamengo: fans pay homage to historical idols in mosaic in the Copa do Brasil final

Despite Flamengo’s 1-0 defeat against São Paulo in the first game of the Copa do Brasil final, the Rubro-Negra fans put on a show, and presented a lino mosaic, paying homage to former idols from the club’s history, just before the ball rolling at Maracanã.

In total, 31 players from different eras were present at the assembly. The material was prepared throughout the week, and was another attraction for the fans, who threw a big party to push the team on the field against Tricolor Paulista.

At the top of the mosaic is the figure of Zico, considered by many to be the greatest idol in the history of Rubro-Negro, alongside Júnior and Leandro, two of the greatest full-backs who wore Flamengo’s mantle. On social media, fans made several mentions of the former number ten, remembering the good times of the star, who won the Libertadores, and the Club World Cup in 1981.

Meet the Flamengo stars present in the mosaic

Throughout history, several important players in Brazilian football have worn the colors of Rubro-Negro. Players who made their mark both at the club and in international football. Cases of Adriano Imperador, who made his name at Inter Milan, but began his career with the Rio team.

Just like Romário, one of the greatest scorers in the history of Brazilian football. World Champion with the Brazilian team in 1994, and had an important spell with the Gávea team between 1997 and 1999.

Baixinho was alongside Sávio, another player who wore the Rubro-Negro mantle in the 90s, and who later made his name at Real Madrid in Spain. Still at the top of the mosaic, Edvaldo Alves de Santa Rosa, considered the 4th greatest player in Flamengo’s history, won countless titles with the Brazilian team’s shirt, including the 1958 World Cup, and was one of those responsible for put Mengão on the world stage, by winning several international championships wearing the Rio team’s shirt in the 1950s.

Leonidas da Silva, called “Black Diamond” was another player immortalized in the beautiful Flamengo mosaic. The player played for the Rio team between 1936 and 1941, and was part of the squad that won 3rd place in the World Cup in France in 1938.

Among several other greats and characters who defended the colors of the Rio team, the list of members of the Rubro-Negro mosaic also included: Rondinelli, Diego, Carlinhos, Domingos da Guia, Obina, Zizinho, Adílio, Júlio César, Zé Carlos, Nunes , Biguá, Andrade, Mozer, Evaristo, Petkovic, Gaúcho, Valido, Angelim, Paulo Henrique, Doval, Cláudio Coutinho, Raul, Geraldo Assoviador, Leônidas da Silva and Silva Batuta.

Flamengo fans apologize to star Zico

This Monday (18), Zico made a post about the tribute received in the Rubro-Negro mosaic, and was responded to with many messages of affection, support, and apologies from the fans.

For most internet users, the athletes of the current generation are not at Zico’s level, and that the current team has not respected the Flamengo mantle, once respected, and which is currently suffering from a season with many errors, and almost no success. achievements.

The fan’s affection for Zico was so great that in some comments, there were requests for Galinho to take over as president of the club to try to alleviate the current situation, and make the team win as it has done in the last three years.

Flamengo turns its attention to competing in the Brazilian Championship. Next Wednesday (20), at 7pm (Brasília time), Mengão will face Goiás, away from home, in a game valid for the 24th round of the competition. The match takes place at the Hailé Pinheiro Stadium, in Goiânia.

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