Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Striker Breno Lopes met, this Monday (18), with the organized Mancha Verde. The purpose of the meeting was for Breno to apologize for the gestures and insults he directed at members of the club, as well as other fans, who booed him last Friday night (15).

Mancha’s main directors were at the meeting, including Jorge Luiz, the current president, vice Thiago Mello, Pato Rouco, and honorary president Paulo Serdan. The meeting took place on the Mancha court. Breno went to the scene with his press officer. The player also recorded a video with fans’ leaders asking for forgiveness from the fans as a whole.

“It was a very turbulent week for me. After the game against Corinthians, I was emotionally very shaken, very weak, and I made a wrong decision, I totally regret it”, said the player.

“Our only intention is the good of Palmeiras. Breno is aware of the very serious mistake he made. Not because he cursed the Mancha. If it were in the Gol Sul (sector), on the other side, he would be wrong in the same way. He cannot turn against the club’s greatest asset, which is the fans,” Pato Rouco told Trivela.

“There is no crisis. He knows he made a mistake. We said everything we wanted to say and he explained himself. We always liked him. When traveling abroad, he always talks to us, he has always treated us well,” he added.

When scoring the winning goal against Goiás, in the 51st minute of the 2nd half, Breno ran towards the sector where Mancha is located at Allianz Parque – Gol Norte – showing the middle finger and ordering fans to take that place, heading , then, to other fans in the Central East sector, until he was contained by Weverton, Luan and other teammates.

Breno was being booed at every move and vented after deciding the match. The fans’ reprimand, it is worth noting, also came from the goal he missed, face to face with Cássio, in the final minutes of the Derby on the 3rd, in Itaquera. Breno has already entered the field amid protests against Goiás.

Breno wanted to make contact on Friday

Trivela learned that Breno already wanted to make contact with Mancha on Saturday, but after talking to some people, it was decided that a meeting would take place this Monday to define the best way to approach the issue.

Since Friday, coach Abel Ferreira had already made it clear that he had no intention of punishing his athlete. Weverton and Veiga, who spoke to the press after the game, also treated the issue as an unimportant slip.

Hours later, it was president Leila Pereira’s turn to post a photo of Breno scoring the header that defined the 2020 Libertadores, promising unconditional support to the player. According to people interviewed by Trivela, any financial punishment for the player is also ruled out.

Palmeiras remains silent in relation to the case

Breno’s apology partly cools the boil that could take over behind the scenes at the club and in the stands in these days leading up to the first match of the Libertadores semi-final.

In part only, because the club continues without offering punishment to the athlete for an act that, in the past, has even cost players to leave the club – as was the case with Diego Souza, in 2010. With the detail that Diego on the contrary de Breno, was one of the main players of the team at the time led by Antônio Carlos Zago.

By failing to punish Breno, and even making a post celebrating the athlete at a time when he commits an obvious misconduct, as Leila did, Palmeiras conveys an image of permissiveness and omission.

For the club, the matter had been closed since Saturday.

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