September 28, 2023
″Exchanging Iván Jaime for Nico?  I played with the feeling the game gave me″

″Exchanging Iván Jaime for Nico? I played with the feeling the game gave me″



Statements to Porto Canal by Sérgio Conceição after Shakhtar-FC Porto (1-3), match of the first round of the Champions League group stage.

Strategic changes: “It had to do with the game, how I see the opponent and, mainly, our team, with the players I have available to put together the best strategy to win the game. I had three central defenders, I could play with a line of five or six and I thought that for today, against this opponent, it was important to have other dynamics that are essential when the team has the ball, in the offensive process, and when it doesn’t, in the defensive process. Today I liked the team in offensive terms, but there were some mistakes, because we allowed some things that we have been allowing our opponents and, in that sense, we always need to work. Even in offensive terms, sometimes we have occasions in games in the last 30 meters where we are not effective, we define poorly or we do not finish in the best way. Today we were more effective than we have been, but we have created situations in every game. This is usually all linked. There has been one situation or another, but we are working to improve the team and the players”.

Exchange of Iván Jaime for Nico: “I asked for slightly different things, especially because they are players with different characteristics. I felt, not because Iván Jaime was less well, but that he was a little tired. We cannot forget that he started working practically two weeks ago, when he arrived here. We have all the data from his pre-season and they are frankly weak in terms of their ability to last 90 minutes at the same level. Nico, as he walks well in that space, although with different characteristics, I opted for him. I could also have opted for a striker and I lowered Mehdi (Taremi) a little… Anyway. I played with the feeling the game gave me. That’s when Nico came in. I refreshed the side corridors, because our wingers were asked to do a very important job in the game, which it was closing inside, putting pressure on the central defenders when the ball was on the opposite side, following the rise and action of the full-back… Anyway. Depending on what the game gives me, I change the team to add. And, in that sense, the things we have done well. Substitutes always want to come in and help. In the last few rounds we haven’t been so brilliant, but those who came on reinforced the team”.

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