Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Esgaio praises the Sporting coach’s way of working.

Ricardo Esgaio worked for the first time with Rúben Amorim in Braga and was the Sporting coach who asked for the right-back to return to Alvalade.

For the footballer, there is plenty of praise for the leader of the lions’ locker room. “He’s a very young coach, but he already has some experience. He still has a lot of thoughts from when he was a player and that ends up being easier. His idea fits with that of the players, in quotation marks. It’s Mister Rúben’s idea, but then the players manage to go after it”, explains Esgaio, continuing: “It transmits things that we capture and they stay with us. There are details in which it manages to touch us and reaches everyone. Maybe, this friendship and trust that exists in the group results from that. It’s very important because it is then transmitted onto the pitch. And confidence is also worked on”, he added in the interview with UEFA.

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