Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Salzburg promises to be surgical and focused to win points at Luz.

Salzburg’s football coach, Gerhard Struber, said this Tuesday that he wants the team to be “surgical in attack” and concentrated defensively to win points against Benfica, on Wednesday, in the first game of Group D of the Champions League.

Gerhard Struber, who was speaking at a press conference in anticipation of the meeting with the Portuguese champions, and who was flanked by right-back Amar Dedic, recognizes that Salzburg will have great difficulties to compete with the “experienced” Benfica, but highlights that the youth of the Austrian team could even be an advantage.

“Experience is very important, but the fact that there is a detached and courageous youth can have its advantages. We want to have a free mind and focus on what we can do”, he stated, highlighting that he wants to “get noticed internationally” , which is why he wants to “get off on the right foot”.

The coach, who expects a packed Estádio da Luz with an amazing atmosphere, promises to do everything he can to come away with points from this first Champions League match.

“We have to be focused from the first to the last minute. There may be moments of breakdown. We have to be prepared to defend. We have to be resilient, especially in the opening minutes. We cannot be passive, we have to respond. There will be a fight in the middle field and we have to be disciplined in defense and surgical in attack. We will try our best to score goals”, he stated.

Despite this motivation, Gerhard Struber was, during the press conference, measured in his words, implying that favoritism falls on the side of the reds. However, Amar Dedic had a much more attacking speech, leaving clear signs that Salzburg will enter the field without hesitation and willing to counter Benfica.

“When the Champions League arrives, we always expect the best. It is the most important club competition that exists in football. We are not afraid of facing Benfica. We have respect. Benfica is a team with a lot of quality, which has two world champion players, but we are not afraid. We know what we have to do. We have to be focused and give our best. We have confidence and in the face of an opponent like this we have to always be vigilant”, he acknowledged.

The ten-time Austrian champion Salzburg will face Portuguese champion Benfica this Wednesday at the Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, in the first round of Group D of the Champions League, which will be judged by Turkish referee Halil Umut Meler.

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