Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Bahia was defeated against Santos by the score of 2 x 1, in a game valid for the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship. In the press conference after the match, Tricolor’s coach, Rogério Ceni, apologized, but not for the defeat, but for the use of the word “victory”, the name of the Squadron’s biggest rival.

During the interview, the Bahia coach quickly changed the use of the word victory to triumph, and apologized, saying that he is getting used to the new club, showing concern about the rivalry with Rubro-Negro from Bahia, considered one of the biggest in Brazil.

After making his debut as coach of Bahia, beating Coritiba 4 x 1, away from home, Tricolor suffered its first defeat under Ceni’s command. The arrival of the new coach, who replaced the Portuguese Renato Paiva, was greatly celebrated by the fans, who hope to see the team away from relegation at the end of the season.

With the setback against Peixe, Bahia stopped at 25 points and saw the difference to Z4 drop to just one. If Goiás beats Flamengo in the 24th round, the Squadron could lose one position, falling to 16th place in the Brazilian Championship.

Why don’t Bahia fans use the word ‘victory’?

Contrary to what many people think, Bahia and Vitória are not such old rivals. Football in Salvador began to gain slightly greater proportions from the 1950s onwards, with the popularization of the two biggest clubs in the capital of Bahia.

It was from this decade onwards that Tricolores and Rubro-Negros began to fuel what is currently one of the biggest rivalries in the Northeast, and also in Brazilian football. Because of this, some habits of the Esquadrão fans end up further increasing this intense competitiveness between the clubs.

One of them is the non-use of the word victory, since the wording is the same as the name of his biggest rival. This is common in other rivalries such as Guarani and Ponte Preta, in which Bugrina fans avoid speaking Macaca’s official name in any way, preferring the term “rival”.

In the case of Gre-Nal, considered by many to be Brazil’s greatest classic in terms of rivalry, Tricolores avoid using the color red, while Colorados do not use blue at all.

Bahia fans ignore Rogério Ceni’s speech

The rivalry between the two of the biggest teams in the northeast divides the city of Salvador, and the state itself that bears the same name as the Squadron.

Therefore, Rogério Ceni’s speech was highlighted by Tricolor fans on social media. In fact, the biggest interest at this moment is to see the team out of the relegation zone, and free from any risk within the Brasileirão.

Some considered Ceni’s concern with the term meaningless, since the word victory is widely used within football, after all, losing or winning is part of this passionate sport, and which is the reason for so much discussion and analysis not only in Brazil, but In the whole world.

Bahia has a complicated sequence in the fight against sticking

Bought by Grupo City, Bahia received a large investment to form a competitive team. After moving up to the 1st division in 2022, the expectation was that the club would be able to remain in Series A and seek an international tournament this season.

However, Tricolor has been going through some difficulties within the Brasileirão, and is racing against time to gain the number of points necessary to escape the Z4, and plan the year 2024 with more peace of mind.

There is no easy game within the Brazilian Championship, however, of the team’s next four games, three will be against direct opponents in the fight against relegation, and could dictate Bahia’s course within the competition.

The first match takes place on September 30th, against Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro. The game is scheduled for this date due to the return game of the Copa do Brasil final by Rubro-Negro.

The following week, Tricolor faces Goiás, away from home, hosts Internacional, away, and visits Cruzeiro, in Minas Gerais. In other words, it will be necessary to score at least eight to ten points for the Bahian team to be more relaxed within the Brazilian Championship.

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