October 1, 2023
Copa do Brasil: Cicinho puts up a champion banner with the São Paulo symbol and the internet goes off: ‘zicou!’ portugalfutbol.net

Copa do Brasil: Cicinho puts up a champion banner with the São Paulo symbol and the internet goes off: ‘zicou!’

The expectation of São Paulo’s unprecedented Copa do Brasil title will be the talk of the week until next Sunday, when Tricolor hosts Flamengo in the return game of the big decision, defending the 1 x 0 advantage built in the first game. In addition to the fan, Cicinho, Libertadores champion with the São Paulo team in 2005, is another character excited about the chance to see his team win the competition for the first time in history.

Euphoric, the now SBT commentator appeared with the champion banner on SBT Esportes this Tuesday (19). For the former São Paulo player, the São Paulo team’s Copa do Brasil title is a reality.

The joke had repercussions among Flamengo fans. For the Red and Blacks, Cicinho would have already “decided” São Paulo’s possibility of winning by counting on an early victory.

Flamengo fans don’t forgive

In the mystique of football, any celebration before the time is seen as something “dangerous”, which can have the opposite effect at the time of the decision. The narrative gains even more weight when it comes to two teams with equal conditions to win the match, as is the case with São Paulo and Flamengo.

Flamengo fans believe that Cicinho’s joke could actually interfere in the decision, and be a difference in favor of the Rio team, which dreams of winning the second Brazilian Cup championship. To do this, it is necessary to overcome the 1-0 advantage built by the São Paulo team at Maracanã.

Flamengo fans believe in opportunity

There are several problems faced by the Rio team, both on and off the field. However, when it comes to a final, anything can happen. Something that reinforces the possibility of Flamengo being able to equalize the tie is the quality of its squad, considered by many to be the best in the country.

It is with this concept of humility and faith that Flamengo fans eagerly await throughout this week to see the team play the second leg of the Copa do Brasil final, and who knows, achieve the feat of winning the competition at home. São Paulo.

What does Flamengo need to be champion of the Copa do Brasil?

Rubro-negro lost the first game of the final, at home, by the score of 1 x 0, in a game held at Maracanã last Sunday (17). To be champion in the return game, which takes place in Morumbi, on Sunday next week, September 24th, you need to win by at least one goal difference to take the dispute to penalties.

If they manage to win by two or more goals in normal time, Flamengo will directly win their second title in the Copa do Brasil. In 2022, coached by Dorival Júnior, currently at São Paulo, Rubro-Negro beat Corinthians on penalties and was the champion of the competition.

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