Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

An image of Cruzeiro’s supposed pink shirt for 2023 is circulating on social media. Since 2022, the club from Minas Gerais has joined the campaign by German supplier Adidas, which has created color versions for the teams it sponsors with the aim of raising awareness about the fight. against breast cancer during Pink October, a month in which campaigns related to the topic intensify.

If the model is confirmed, it will be the second time that Cruzeiro will have a pink shirt in its history. adidas has been creating models for the Pink October campaign for the clubs it sponsors since 2021, but the celestial club, despite pressure from its fans, did not adhere to the model in the first year.

The model leaked on social media has not been confirmed, so it is not yet certain that this will be the design of the shirt. Even so, fans guarantee that Adidas itself published the image by mistake. See the photo circulating on social media:

Cruzeiro's supposed pink shirt for 2023
The model would have been published by Adidas, Cruzeiro’s sporting equipment supplier – Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Even if Cruzeiro confirms the pink uniform, the official launch should only take place in the last days of September or the beginning of October, when the Pink October campaign begins.

Once launched, Cruzeiro’s pink shirt can be purchased at the club’s and Adidas’ official stores, whether physical or virtual.

Cruzeiro has already launched three uniforms in 2023

Normally, Cruzeiro releases three game shirts per season, with the exception of a few occasions, such as in 2022, when the pink shirt was the fourth released. In 2023, three models are already circulating: the traditional 1 and 2 shirts, in blue and white, and the 3 uniform, produced in a lighter shade of blue, with dark blue and yellow details, in addition to the return of the closed shield. See the third celestial shirt of the current season:

Wanted by the news report Football in the VeinCruzeiro’s communication did not confirm the launch of a pink shirt for the club in the current season.

Pink Cruzeiro shirt in 2022

Cruzeiro’s pink shirt launched in 2022 was quite successful among fans, who always appear with the model at Raposa games and on the streets of Minas Gerais and Brazil. In a stronger shade of pink, the uniform had blue details and two thicker stripes that went down below the armpits. The sponsors, which do not appear on the commercialized shirts, were also blue. See photo:

Cruzeiro 2022 pink shirt
The model was a hit among Cruzeiro fans – Photo: Staff Images Woman/Cruzeiro

CBF details Cruzeiro’s next games in the Brasileirão

The CBF released, on Tuesday (12), the details of rounds 25 to 29 of the Brazilian Championship. See information about Cruzeiro games:

  • 24th round – Fluminense x Cruzeiro – 9/20 (Wednesday) – 9pm – Maracanã
  • 25th round – Cruzeiro x América-MG – 1/10 (Sunday) – 4pm – Mineirão
  • 26th round – Cuiabá x Cruzeiro – 10/8 (Sunday) – 6:30 pm – Arena Pantanal
  • 27th round – Cruzeiro x Flamengo – 10/19 (Thursday) – 7pm – Mineirão
  • 28th round – Atlético-MG x Cruzeiro – 22/10 (Sunday) – 4pm – Arena MRV
  • 29th round – Cruzeiro x Bahia – 10/25 (Wednesday) – 8pm – Mineirão

Where to watch the Fluminense x Cruzeiro game

  • Date: September 20, 2023, Wednesday;
  • Time: 9:30 pm (Brasília time);
  • Local: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Where to watch: Premiere (pay-per-view) and Globo

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