September 29, 2023
Flamengo: Marcos Braz attacks fan after being charged;  See the video

Flamengo: Marcos Braz attacks fan after being charged; See the video

A video went viral on social media this Tuesday (19) of Flamengo’s vice-president of football, Marcos Braz, attacking a fan along with another man, apparently his security guard, and being restrained by a third party. The leader would have been insulted. The information and video were released by journalist Venê Casagrande.

Marcos Braz explained to Venê that he was with his daughter and two friends until he began to be harassed. “I was with three girls (one of Braz’s daughters) and he was buying a gift for my daughter. And the guy started verbally attacking me. Absurd.”

Also to the journalist, the fan, who says he was bitten by Braz, stated that he just shouted for him to get out of FLa.

– I saw him inside the Pandora store. I just shouted for him to leave Flamengo. When I turned my back and walked away. When I saw it, he ran after me. He and his security guard attacked me. And he bit me too. –

Flamengo: Marcos Braz attacks fan after being charged;  See the video
Fan claims to have been bitten by Braz (Photo: Venê Casagrande)

On social media, the fan involved in the fight published a video showing what he said to Braz. In the one minute and 44 seconds recorded, the fan, accompanied by another, claim to be from the organized Torcida Jovem and demand the leader.

Hey, Marcos Braz. Come here. It’s Flamengo, we’re (sic) Young fans, give you a chat, bro, ‘bagulho’ isn’t cool. Exchange an idea, man. It’s a charge, this is Flamengo. What a mess there”, demanded the fans.

Following the video, they appear to receive a response from the leader, but it is not possible to hear what Braz said.

According to journalists at the mall, Braz was trapped in the store where he was charged, surrounded by fans and onlookers in the mall. Afterwards, he was escorted by the Military Police and went to the police station.

Attack takes place during the finals of the Copa do Brasil

Braz’s aggression comes days before the second leg of the Copa do Brasil final and could bring even greater pressure to Flamengo. The Rio club lost the first leg 1-0 to São Paulo at Maracanã and will have to win by at least one goal at Morumbi this Sunday (24) to be able to take it to penalties – two goals guarantee Fla’s double. The decision starts at 4pm (Brasília time).

Braz and the president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, were insulted by the fans present at Maracanã in the defeat to Tricolor Paulista after the announcement of the income from the match (the largest in the history of Brazilian football). The red and black shouts were “Hey, Landim. Go fuck yourself…”: and “Marcos Braz, fuck off…, my Flamengo doesn’t need you”.

Fights in the squad and outside: Flamengo’s 2023 is violent

The fights in Flamengo started at the end of July of that year. After the 2 x 1 victory over Atlético-MG, physical trainer Pablo Fernández accused striker Pedro in the dressing room for not warming up during the match. The fight got heated and the professional punched the player in the face. A member of coach Jorge Sampaoli’s technical committee, he was fired for just cause.

Less than a month later, on August 15, on the eve of the semi-final of the Copa do Brasil, midfielder Gerson and right-back Varela had a disagreement in training and the Brazilian threw several punches to the Uruguayan’s face, which on the day The next time he played with a mask to protect his fractured nose.

There is still information about the squad’s dissatisfaction with coach Sampaoli, which is why the team’s performance is below par.

In 2023, Flamengo did not win any titles and was eliminated (or lost the final) of the Brazilian Super Cup, Campeonato Carioca, Club World Cup and Libertadores. The Copa do Brasil could be the salvation of the season, given that in the Brasileirão the distance to the leader Botafogo is great.

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