September 28, 2023
Mancha campaigns to get tickets to the Libertadores semi-final

Mancha campaigns to get tickets to the Libertadores semi-final

The organized fans Mancha Verde, from Palmeiras, created a campaign to try to overcome the absence of a specific quota of tickets for the first game of the Libertadores semi-final, against Boca Juniors, in Buenos Aires.

Jorge Luis, president of the organization, posted a video on his profiles and on Mancha’s profiles on social media offering a cap as a gift to every fan with a sufficient rating in the Avanti fan partner program who manages to buy a ticket in the first pre-sale – in addition to reimburse the amount of R$300.

With this, Jorge and the entity intend to maintain their caravan and honor the bus transport and accommodation packages that Mancha sold before learning that the club would not facilitate the purchase of tickets for the match.

According to Trivela, fans have already closed eight buses, which means approximately 400 tickets.

“We are going to transform Bombonera into Montevideo”, said Jorge, alluding to the fans’ praised performance in the 2021 Libertadores final, won by Alviverde over Flamengo (2-1).

Quota suspension

Mancha did not have a ticket quota for the match due to a decision by president Leila Pereira. According to what Palmeiras told Trivela, Leila’s management never offered such a benefit to Mancha, who is now opposing the leader.

The fans, in turn, claim that they have always had help from club employees to easily buy tickets for caravans to games outside of São Paulo, even though it has not always been an institutionalized policy.

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