October 1, 2023
Through a legal deputy, Flamengo takes a stance on Marcos Braz’s fight with a fan

Through a legal deputy, Flamengo takes a stance on Marcos Braz’s fight with a fan

Hours after Marcos Braz got involved in a fight with delivery man and red-black fan Leandro Campos da Silveira Gonçalves Junior this Tuesday (19), Flamengo decided to take a stand. And the club’s stance is to defend the vice-president of football. This version was made official by Rodrigo Dunshee de Abranches, deputy general and legal department of Mais Querido.

“Marcos Braz was involved in a premeditated chase. (…) Marcos Braz was with his daughter, a totally embarrassing situation, his life was threatened in front of his daughter, and he reacted. He is the victim in this story, he will chase these people, the police will chase these people. For me, this type of thing, threats, persecution, cannot happen, this is a crime”, said Dunshee.

In Flamengo’s view, Marcos Braz has been constantly threatened. Recently, one of the club’s organized supporters made a post calling on red and black fans to catch players and managers in their leisure time. The episode made the Flamengo board reinforce its thinking.

Marcos Braz suffers internal pressure, but is supported by Landim

After all the confusion at the mall involving Marcos Braz and Flamengo fans, the vice-president of football went to the 16th Police Station in Rio de Janeiro, located in Barra da Tijuca. Rodrigo Dunshee de Abranches, Rubro-Negro’s director of external relations, Cacau Cotta, and some advisors also went there.

While Flamengo’s vice-general went to the 16th DP to monitor the case, Cacau and the counselors went with the intention of showing solidarity with Marcos Braz. The VP of football is under internal pressure at the club and there are those who are asking him to leave. However, the leader remains supported by President Rodolfo Landim, who sees him as a trustworthy man.

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