Watch in Awe as Basketball Trick Shot Artist Shatters Records

Basketball trick shot artist, Jordan Kilganon, is making waves in the basketball world with his incredible trick shots. Kilganon has been setting records and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a basketball.

Kilganon has been performing trick shots since he was a child. He started out by doing simple shots like bouncing the ball off the backboard and into the hoop. As he got older, he began to experiment with more complex shots. He has since become a master of the art of trick shots.

Kilganon has set numerous records for trick shots. He has made shots from over 100 feet away, and he has even made shots from the top of a building. He has also made shots from a moving car, and he has even made shots while jumping off a trampoline.

Kilganon’s trick shots have been featured in numerous videos and commercials. He has also been featured on television shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Kilganon’s trick shots are truly awe-inspiring. He has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a basketball and has set records that may never be broken. If you ever get the chance to watch Kilganon perform, you won’t be disappointed.

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