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PortugalFutbol.net was started by Sam Biggers in October 2009 in an effort to increase the availability of English-language Portuguese football content on the web. Inspired by PortuGOAL.net, Sam used this site as a way to share a different perspective on Portuguese football, one that was almost entirely focused on the Portuguese National Team. Since that time, PortugalFutbol.net has grown tremendously into what you see now: a site which has had over 100,000 views since it’s inception. Now with a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, PortugalFutbol continues to grow.

With the addition of a team of writers beginning in the summer of 2014, PortugalFutbol continued its expansion. Now with coverage of the Primeira Liga and the Champions League, the site’s coverage is much more complete.

About our writers

Sam Biggers

Sam Biggers is an American, born and bred, having no familial ties to Portugal. Sam’s first glimpse into the world of football was during the 2006 World Cup, where the Portuguese team was voted as the tournament’s “Most Entertaining Team.” Since that time, Sam has avidly followed the team through the ups and downs, through the narrow qualifications, good and bad coaches, through the excitement and despair.

Currently a college student in the United States, Sam has no plans on pursuing a career in journalism. This project is instead a side-project, and one that Sam thoroughly enjoys as a hobby. He wants to spread to a wider audience the wonder and excitement that he has felt while following the Portuguese team over the past eight years.

Mitchell Rua

Mitchell Rua is a Luso-Australian born in Sydney to immigrant parents. A diehard Portista, with allegiances to GD Chaves and Marítimo, Mitchell was first introduced to football during the 2004 European Cup Final.

At only 7 years of age, he was amazed at the way the beautiful game brought the whole Portuguese community to a stand-still and the emotions it evoked, prompting his obsession with the Seleção das Quinas, becoming a keen observer of the world game, specifically Portuguese football.

Finishing his final year of secondary schooling, Mitchell hopes to attend university, planning to study Commerce and Journalism, in pursuing his dreams of working in conjunction with the beautiful game that has had such a profound, positive influence on his life.

Mitchell joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in August 2014.

Orlando Machado

Orlando Mac has lived in Portugal (born in the Azores), the UK, and now resides in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada). He is an avid fan of Portuguese Futebol and follows all the big teams, with his moderately red tinted Benfica glasses.

Orlando is a Consultant in Digital Media & Marketing, was a Manager by trade for a decade, a former Head of Faculty at a local college as well as an avid sports fan. He has appeared in digital media for MMAFrenzy, PortuGOAL.net, and a couple of now defunct clubbing magazines as a Photo Journalist (Scenester & KK Media).

Although passionate about his sports as well as being statistically proficient, Orlando also enjoys the funny side of sport. He looks to add a bit of comedy to some serious content.

You can follow him on twitter @orlandomaxxx

Orlando joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in August 2014.

Daniel Martins

Daniel Martins was born in Durban, South Africa with Maderians blood from both sides of his family. A football loving man who pledges alliance to the ‘The Special One’, Jose Mourinho.

Like Mitchell’s 1st inspiring Seleção viewing, the Euro 2004 final was also Daniel’s first taste of the Seleção’s sweat and blood. His 1st game ever viewed. His 1st tear ever shed, leading to an intake of emotions which changed his passion for the game forever. Now an avid follower of all things related to football and the Seleção.

Current trainee manager for the Three City Hotels group, with degrees from the ‘University of Life’, who hopes to continuously be able to play and live the game with fellow football lovers.

Daniel joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in September 2014

George Vieira

George Vieira is a Portuguese Canadian with roots tracing back to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores region of Portugal. Having been raised by both his parents and grandparents, George quickly developed a keen appreciation for all things Portugal, and, in particular – Portuguese futebol.

Like a tortured soul reminiscing a long lost love, George can remember the exact point in time when he fell head over heels for a Selecao das Quinas: Luis Figo’s comeback-inspiring goal against England at Euro 2000. That entire match proved to be a work of art that painted red and green on the canvas of George’s heart.

With regards to the Primeira Liga, George found himself in a catch-22: His grandfather was a die-hard Benfica fan and his father was loyal to Sporting. In order to not side with one over the other, George found himself pledging allegiance to Porto, a decision that angered and disappointed both sides of the family equally.

Though he graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Toronto’s Ryerson University in 2008, George grew dissatisfied with the industry and chose to pursue business, fitness, creative writing, and the performing arts instead. He’s using this opportunity to focus his passion for sport, and, put some of his skills to good use, all while keeping his options open for the future.

You can follow him on twitter @whatGVthinks

George joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in September 2014.

Igor Henriques

Igor is a Portuguese-Canadian who was born in Lourinha but immigrated to Toronto at a very young age. Having a family full of Portuguese soccer fans he quickly adapted an appreciation for the Portuguese national team with the team’s Euro 2000 run being key in that.

Despite his family’s Benfica based roots, the exploits of one Vitor Baia who he shares a birthday with was the main influence in his choice to support FC Porto a choice he is heckled with to this day.

A post- graduate of Sports Journalism at Centennial College he has had the privilege to report at Toronto FC games and also international games such as Brazil vs Chile where he spoke to former Portuguese national team coach Luis Felipe Scolari and current Brazil star Neymar.

Igor joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in October 2014.

Alex Santos

Alex Santos is the first of his family to be born outside of Portugal as he was born in England, another home of football. Born into a Benfica household, the love for Benfica has continued within him aswell as the Portuguese National Team after they hosted the 2004 Euros and gave Alex the bragging rights after the memorable England vs Portugal game.

Unfortunate not to have visited a game in Portugal, Alex has been able to witness one of the greatest players of his generation, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo play for his favored English side, Man Utd as he sparked up a new generation of Portuguese footballers alongside Nani as the golden age of Luis Figo, Rui Costa and Nuno Gomes were all aging.

However, having said that, one player that will always be in the spotlight for Alex will be leftback Fabio Coentrao aswell as former Portuguese midfielder, Maniche who he vividly remembers scoring against Netherlands with a wonder goal.

Currently in his last year of college, Alex looks to go on to university next year to study Journalism as he would like to pursue a career in writing about his passions, much like what he does here on PortugalFutbol.

Alex joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in November 2014.

Lauren Jenks

Lauren Jenks is an English-born Sporting supporter and follower of Portuguese football, including the Seleção. Lauren has been involved with football in some way almost all her life.

Her interest in Portuguese football started around 5 years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since. In fact, her interest in the Premeira Liga is only growing each day. Lauren sees the Premeira Liga as one of the best and most underrated Leagues in world football and doesn’t understand how a wide variety of people don’t see how good the Liga really is. The players that the Liga can produce say a lot about the quality there is in the country. When watching the Liga, you’re never too far from a ‘dodgy’ refereeing decision, but this is what makes Lauren love the Liga even more.

Lauren hopes to one day visit the Estádio José Alvalade, have a tour of the stadium and also watch a match there, in order to learn so much more about the club she loves and supports.

Her passion and keen interest in writing about the football as a whole developed around 2 years ago and has been writing ever since. Lauren also hopes to one day pursue a dream career in football journalism, as the sport is one of very few things that have had a major influence on her way of life.

While Orlando sees the Liga and some of his opinions through red-tinted glasses, Lauren sees them through her green-and-white tinted glasses.

You can follow Lauren on Twitter: @DiMariasChip

Lauren joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in December 2014.

Justino Flores

Justino Flores was born in East Rutherford, New Jersey as one of the first members of his family born outside of Portugal. As a proud American with deep Portuguese roots, Justino remembers developing his affection for the Seleção while watching Rui Costa’s 110th minute screamer against England in Euro 2004. After watching every success and defeat from 2004 to 2014, he considers watching Portugal’s 2016 triumph with his family one of his fondest life memories.

Justino’s father was raised in the small city of Póvoa de Varzim, a municipality just 30km north of Porto. Justino travels with his family to Póvoa and the city of Porto as often as he can. After visiting Porto, he found it easy to fall in love with the splendor and sheer beauty of the city. Once he visited Estadio do Dragão, his allegiance was sealed. He considers himself a fervent Portista but still has fondness for his father’s hometown Varzim SC and close neighbors Rio Ave FC.

Justino currently resides in Rochester, NY with his wife. He works as a High School Teacher and Soccer Coach, currently working his way through the U.S. Soccer Federation coaching ladder. He has a passion for the Portuguese national team and Liga NOS. He hopes he can instill that passion in others through his writing and is eager to bring exposure, excitement, and enthusiasm to the football in the wonderful country of Portugal.

You can follow him on his twitter: @LordEder7

Justino joined the PortugalFutbol.net writing team in July 2017.

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