February 4, 2023
Slow Horses Season 2 Release Date Update – 2022 Cast, Speculation, and More

Slow Horses Season 2 Release Date Update – 2022 Cast, Speculation, and More

After an explosive and surprising climax, Season 1 of Slow Horses has come to a close.


While Hassan was released, the kidnappers were dead or imprisoned, and Lamb and his crew were exonerated of any wrongdoing, there are still a lot of loose ends, not least the horrific flashback that explains how Lamb wound up at Slough House and why he has such a vendetta towards River.


Fans are naturally eager to see more from the Apple TV+ spy series, and those who stayed until the end may have already gotten a hint as to where things may head next.


Is Season 2 of Slow Horses already confirmed?


It has, and season two is currently in the works! Dead Lions, the second book in Mick Herron’s series of novels, will be adapted for Season 2, with a trailer for the upcoming episodes unveiled at the end of episode 6.

“There is every hope and expectation that there will be another two of seasons in the immediate future,” director James Hawes told Deadline of future seasons.


When will the second season of Slow Horses be released?


We shouldn’t have to wait long for the next part in the Slough House saga, as the upcoming season has already been filmed.

“Apple have already shot the following six and they will appear sometime later this year,” Hawes said in an interview with Deadline. The next episodes can’t arrive soon enough, especially after the cliffhanger with Lamb and River’s father David’s past revealed!




That’s correct. Slow Horses season 2 has been confirmed for Apple TV+, and you’ll be pleased to learn that the next batch of episodes has already been shot.

Season 2 will be an adaptation of Dead Lions, the second book in Mick Herron’s series, which may not come as a surprise to aficionados of the novels. There are numerous more novels to be found in the same vein.

The season 1 finale is accompanied by a trailer for the following season, which plays at the end of the show.

Although no official release date has been set, the Radio Times says that it will air later this year.


Who will return for Season 2 of Slow Horses?


The return of the majority of the Slow Horses cast has already been confirmed, including:


  • Jackson Lamb is played by Gary Oldman.
  • River Cartwright is played by Jack Lowden.
  • Diana Taverner is played by Kristin Scott Thomas.
  • Catherine Standish is played by Saskia Reeves.
  • David Cartwright is played by Jonathan Pryce.
  • Roddy Ho is played by Christopher Chung.
  • Louisa is played by Rosalind Eleazar. Guy
  • Min Harper is played by Dustin Demri-Burns.


Olivia Cooke, whose character Sid was shot in the head during season 1, is one cast member whose reappearance is uncertain. Taverner suggested she’d died in the finale, but Roddy confirmed that her records had been deleted, implying that “she might still be alive somewhere.”


We’re guessing Sid will return at some time, based on this tease.




The book’s logline provides as a brief but satisfactory teaser of what to expect from the next six episodes, as the second season will be an adaptation of Dead Lions:


Aime-Ffion Edwards (who portrayed Esme Shelby in Peaky Blinders) and Kadiff Kirwan are among the newcomers to the cast, according to Variety (Julian in This Is Going to Hurt).


Needless to say, the time has come to get enthused about the project’s future sooner than expected.


Slow Horses is now available to watch on Apple TV+.