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What is a player pool?

A player pool is simply a group of players. For the purposes of this pool, it is a list of players who have a chance of being called up to the Portuguese National Team. The players who are on this list will likely be the ones who will be chosen by the Portuguese manager when he chooses his teams.

What’s the criteria for being listed?

As is common in football, the players chosen is partially subjective, partially fact-based. Based on trends from previous call-ups, we have determined what it takes to be eligible for the national team. When making the list, we first went through and chose all the players who had represented the national team in the past year. After that, we went through the players who were playing regularly for their club (if it was a first-division club). From the players who played regularly for their first-division club, we chose those who performed the best, which was determined by a combination of media reports and player rating systems (


This listing is not the work of the Portuguese Football Federation, but rather is entirely thought up by the Portugal Football staff.

Disagree? Questions?

Do you not agree with some of our picks? Want to see another player added? Have any further questions?

Feel free to contact us at


*updated 7/14/2017

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