″Portuguese football is full of bizarre events″, says FC Porto



The dragons described what happened at FC Porto-Arouca as a « bizarre event », when the match referee annulled a penalty that he had signaled via telephone contact with Cidade do Futebol.

Through the newsletter « Dragões Diário », this Monday, FC Porto again criticizes the decision of referee Miguel Nogueira to annul a penalty that he signaled after telephone contact with the video referee. This is because there was a technical failure that prevented the match judge from viewing the bid on the screen of the video referee who was at Estádio do Dragão. The blue and whites speak of a « bizarre event ».

« Portuguese football is full of bizarre events and yesterday there was another one at Estádio do Dragão: a penalty signaled by the field referee was reversed following a telephone call from the video referee, without any images having been viewed – that is, the penalty was scored based on what Miguel Nogueira saw and reversed based on what he didn’t see. As this constitutes a serious violation of the rules of the game with potential impact on the result, FC Porto filed a protest with the purpose of annulling the match », writes the portista emblem.

In a match for the fourth round of the I Liga, played on Sunday, FC Porto and Arouca drew 1-1.

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