″This management worked well, the only thing that failed was the main team″

President of Marítimo certain that there will only be elections in two years.

The president of Marítimo, Rui Fontes, said this Wednesday that he is certain that the emblem of the II League will only go to elections at the end of the term, despite an Extraordinary General Assembly scheduled to dismiss the management.

« I have no doubt that it will be in two years, » replied the red green leader, when asked if he was sure that Marítimo would only go to elections at the end of his term.

On October 31st, an Extraordinary General Assembly requested by a group made up of 50 members will take place, which will have as its sole point the vote on the dismissal of members of all corporate bodies.

When approached about how he felt as the main meeting approached, Rui Fonte said that he didn’t even know when it would take place, emphasizing that he was only immediately aware of the elections for the Legislative Assembly of Madeira and that there were only candidates for the same subject.

« As far as I know, candidates are for the elections that are going to be held for the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, because about that, I know that there are elections next Sunday, now I don’t know about any more elections », he replied, when asked about possible candidacies, namely, that of Carlos André Gomes.

During the celebrations of Marítimo’s 113th anniversary, which took place throughout the morning at the club’s sports complex, the top manager was asked whether he felt that the fans were satisfied with the work carried out by the current management.

« I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be satisfied. In everything in life there are always people who are dissatisfied. This management worked well, the only thing that failed was in the main team. Besides, we are successful in everything », he said, highlighting that the Madeirans they are « an example at national level in women’s football, after a game with 1,710 spectators, second only to Benfica and Sporting and even the (Portuguese football) Federation recognized it ».

According to Rui Fontes, the work is being done well, despite recognizing that it did not go well in the main team, which was relegated to the second tier, after 38 consecutive years in the I League.

« Everything we are doing is well done, it failed in football, but I am also not a coach, nor an athlete. I don’t score penalties and when these things don’t happen we are all penalized », he stressed, explaining that the mission is to take the red and green back again. to the main echelon.

Marítimo has four wins in five games, occupying second place in the II League standings, with 12 points, but the director recognizes that there are still 29 rounds to go and that it is necessary to wait until the end of the championship to find out if in fact all the work started will be successful.

« Football is like that. When FC Porto is not champion, does anything happen? No. They are looking to be champions the following year and correct what was wrong, that’s all. Sporting was not champion, nor did it go to the Champions League and nothing happened, they just continued to work to reach positions in accordance with their status and, that’s what we’re doing at Marítimo: we dropped down the division and now we’re going to recover », he concluded.

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