″Vitoria will have a face, which is the intensity″

Pedro Granja


Statements by Paulo Turra, new coach of Vitória, in the preview of the reception to Vizela, scheduled for 18:00 on Sunday

The new coach of Vitória de Guimarães, Paulo Turra, said this Saturday, at the press conference previewing the reception to Vizela, scheduled for 6 pm on Saturday, that his team will have a distinctive mark: « Regardless of the game model, because I can’t be hostage to a single model, we’re going to have an intense team, with and without the ball. The word in the locker room, since my arrival, is intensity ».

In what will be his debut, Turra devalued the controversy about his qualifications, believing that « sooner or later », the problem will be solved and he will receive the « equivalences » to assume, on the bench, the position of head coach.

« Being on the bench or further back, close to the field, Vitória will have a face, which is the intensity », he said, adding, finally, that on Saturday he will continue the two victories in the I Liga, conquests by his predecessors, Moreno and João Aroso: « Regardless of the opponent, we will respect everyone, but we don’t fear anyone, because we are Vitória ».

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