″We always believed and we managed to win″



Statements to Sport TV by striker Gyokeres after Sporting’s 2-1 victory at Sturm Graz, this Thursday.

Game analysis: « We knew it was going to be difficult, they run a lot. We needed to be better and ready physically. We continued to be patient in our game, that chapter wasn’t fantastic, but we always believed and managed to win. It was important, we deserved the victory. »

Equalizer goal: « It’s a good feeling. I didn’t have many clear opportunities and it was good to be able to score, especially the draw. »

Many kilometers covered: « Of course I’m tired, but it’s sport. We have to run. You have to have the mentality, fight for the goal until the end. »

Did you imagine starting with five goals? « I think there are four, but maybe I forgot one… But the most important thing is to win games and we have to continue like this and work collectively. »

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