″Analyze this game or keep it forever and hide it from public view″

André Veloso Gomes

Arbitration in the tie between Varzim and Canelas generates indignation in Vítor Paneira.

In a match with little football, a lot of controversy and nerves on edge, Varzim and Canelas 2010 drew 1-1, with the Poveiros losing the lead in Series A to Felgueiras.

Contrary to the motto of League 3, this was a game that had nothing to do with it, highlighting the work of the refereeing team. In fact, at the end of the game, Vítor Paneira, Varzim’s coach, asked those responsible for the Arbitration Council to « analyze this game or keep it forever and hide it from public opinion ».

« Not losing was a lesser evil because everything was done so we wouldn’t win this game », guaranteed the coach. In addition to systematic errors for both sides during the first half, referee João Pinho came out of the break with a criterion to the detriment of the Varzinistas, in addition to allowing anti-play to the Gaienses and, often, excessive aggression.

The game started with a ridiculous goal for Varzim, following a free kick from Paulo Moreira, in which goalkeeper Bruno Miguel grabbed the ball and retreated towards his goal. Despite protests from Canelas 2010, the goal was awarded. Varzim was always better, but they didn’t know how to manage the game and ended up suffering a draw in a play created by Alex Tanque and finished by Samu.

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