Anderson trusts the forwards who remain, predicts goals soon and says that the season can bring many good things. Anderson was the team’s last brazen forward, he left for Turkey and kept Vitória close to his heart, believing in the response of his former teammates. Goals will reappear naturally.

Vitória is going through difficult times, with three consecutive defeats, the last of which was painful, as it happened at home, with a turnaround in stoppage time. In a season already full of events, despite only eight official games, a costly departure from Europe and three coaches, it is with Paulo Turra that a path to recovery is expected. There is a need for a more fixed and muscular center forward. André Silva and Jota are almost always responsible for the attack, offering mobility, but without that more physical proximity to the defenders. Butzke, 108 minutes, and Safira, 119 minutes into the competition, are far from a top position. Vitória seems to be missing someone with different characteristics, like Estupiñán and, last season, Anderson.

We managed to speak to the Brazilian, now working for Alanyaspor. « I see great players at Vitória. André plays and there is Safira. In my time, whoever played from the start or came on did the job. Each one waited for the opportunity. There is a new element, Butzke. There is quality in it, The ball just needs to go in, that comes with time. Everyone will start to earn money », he guarantees. « Last season it was me, André Silva and Jota. We played and fit in well. But Lameiras, Mikey and Nelson da Luz also responded well. It was a strong core and we scored goals. Whoever continued at the club is good, they could be a It’s a matter of rhythm and confidence. Anyone who is at Vitória knows that they will always have the help of 15 thousand people in the stands, it was a motivation that made the team stronger. It was tremendous », praises Anderson.

Missing the white hell

Although his stay in Guimarães was short, the Brazilian remained linked to the club. « It marked my career, it was just a year, but I experienced things that don’t happen everywhere! Due to the size of the club, the atmosphere of the fans, we felt that it was truly a white hell. It was surreal, you can’t find it » , he praises, regretting the outcome dictated by Moreno’s departure. « I realized that expectations were shattered when he left Europe. I was surprised by his departure. He respected me a lot, he gave me wisdom, I learned from him. He lived Vitória a lot! The decision is in his heart. He decided that way and no one can judge that , everyone has to be good at what they do. I don’t know Turra, but everyone speaks well to me. They’re going to turn things around, the important thing is to maintain your identity and win. »

Even though the moment is not good, Anderson projects a bright future. « A player aims for big things, it doesn’t hurt to dream. There are three competitions for Vitória to compete in: Champions, Europa League and Conference League. The League has just started, what was left behind is here. I miss everyone. I wish the best, Football is the moment and there isn’t much left for them to be very happy. In the end, once their goals are achieved, they can thank me for my strength », jokes the Brazilian.

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