″Gyökeres? You have to understand that not everyone was sleeping…″

Statements by Rúben Amorim, Sporting coach, after the 3-0 victory against Moreirense, in the fifth round of the Betclic League

Gyökeres: « We have to understand that not everyone was sleeping, he really wanted to come to Sporting. We saw the proposals, Viana showed me the proposals that the player had. He understood the project, he is a very ambitious player, the clubs he had are probably not the ones he wants to go to in the Premier League. I think he was quite intelligent, but he has a lot to improve. In Braga there are a lot of transitions where he has to stop the ball, today he was much better, it wasn’t always for the goal, played, connected more. I’m sure he has a lot to improve. Now, God gave him that physique and it helps us a lot to stretch the game and makes the team much more dangerous. »

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