« He was a euphoric and spectacular man », says Ademir Alcântara, who arrived in Guimarães at the same time as Marinho Peres’ arrival in 1986/87.

The death of Marinho Peres was a cause for mourning in Portugal, as the Brazilian left a very strong image in all the clubs he worked for, starting with Guimarães, the club he joined in 1986/87, starting a spectacular campaign with 3rd place in the championship and quarter-finals in the UEFA Cup, beating Sparta Prague, Atlético Madrid and Groningen, before falling to Borussia M’Gladbach. Ademir Alcântara was one of the reinforcements of a Vitória that enchanted, reacting to the death of the charismatic coach, who had been a central defender.

« He had a lot of ability, he was part of a group, he knew how to manage it like no one else. He taught us a lot, we learned and drank in his desire to win and his determination. He formed a group around him, it was something spectacular and it took a year magical for Vitória. This was a time of many victories and achievements. Many good things happened with Marinho », he highlighted.

« He was very happy, he transmitted great vibrancy and a victorious spirit. He was happy with life, the players felt that, everyone liked him, those who played and those who sat on the bench. He infected everyone with the joy of living. He was a euphoric man, incredible, a spectacular human being and a companion », added the former Vitória star, taking the opportunity to extract the juice from his experiences with Marinho Peres.

He asked to be carried on shoulders

« We had the tie against Atlético Madrid. He had played in Spain, at Barcelona, ​​he was well known there, he had morals. Furthermore, he was a player remembered as a first-class, spectacular central defender. After the 2-0 in Guimarães, we were defeated 1-0. It was a great celebration, he asked to be carried on the shoulders of the players, smiling at the whole stadium. He wanted to be exalted by the Atlético fans too. He was like that! He took everything as a joke, he achieved everything what he wanted from the players was an outstanding player », recalls the former creator of the conquistadors, creating another hilarious story.

« I also remember a trip when we were missing Júlio Iglesias’s cassette on the bus. We always listened to the same cassette on the way to our games in Guimarães. It was a strong phase, we almost always won, we rarely lost. That cassette was missing and we had to go look for it. There were very happy moments in the club and the city », he is happy to rewind the tape of so many sweet memories.

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