Statements by Iván Jaime, FC Porto player, in an interview in « Dragões » magazine.

Spanish national team: « A couple of years ago, the end of a generation that had won a lot and is being replaced by elite young people. Now the doors are open to many more athletes. »

Call in the future: « I don’t think about it, but of course anything is possible. The people who work at the federation watch FC Porto’s games, they pay attention, but it’s not something that’s on my mind at the moment. If I get there, great. »

Idol: « I don’t have a defined idol, but Isco is the player that gives me the most pleasure watching play since I was at Málaga. He went to Real Madrid, now he’s at Betis and it’s been a pleasure to watch him. He’s not my idol , because I don’t have any idols, but he’s the player I like to watch the most. »

Reference at FC Porto: « Great players have passed through here. I remember Falcao’s time, figures like Pepe and others who had great careers here. They are all part of the club’s history and I also want to follow my own path. For this reason mythical players have passed through the club, authentic legends in football. »

Individual and collective objectives: « The collective, which we all have, involves fighting for the title in all the competitions we compete in without being afraid of anything or anyone. That’s very clear and it’s something we’re going to do. As for the rest, I’m not a player who thinks. » I want to score as many goals and make as many assists. » I think day by day, this is my way of experiencing football and I have a lot of confidence in myself. I know I will have a good season to help the club. »

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