Statements by Iván Jaime, FC Porto player, in an interview in « Dragões » magazine.

Candidates for the title: « I arrived in Portugal three years ago and I know that the candidates are always the same three or four. From my experience I can say that I play in a very competitive league, where each game is complicated although some don’t seem so difficult. There are no easy teams to beat, we have to do our job and play well to gain points in a competitive league that I like. »

Strongest team: « From what I’ve seen, I’d say it’s us. I’m not saying that because I’m here now, I’m saying it because the training is incredible and we just need to demonstrate our quality on the field for people to realize that. »

Champions draw: « Barcelona and Real Madrid are like FC Porto and Benfica in Spain. Barça is a great team, everyone knows that, and it will be a pleasure to face them. The most important thing for me will be to see FC Porto compete at the highest level and do a great job. »

Barça’s strengths: « It’s touching the ball, the return of tiki-taka from the past. That’s their strong point, having the ball, defending with the ball, keeping possession and attacking a lot. We’ll have to do our job in the best way if we want to surprise them . »

FC Porto as opponent: « I usually say that each game is a world. I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult, but you have to be more attentive and be faster because they don’t give you time to think. When you play against FC Porto you always have an opponent on top, everyone they pressure and are aggressive. We are forced to decide very quickly. »

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