Casa Pia, with three points, visit Boavista, leader, with six, in a match for the third round of the I Liga, at Estádio do Bessa, in Porto, at 3:30 pm on Sunday

Casa Pia is « very confident » in returning to the points at Bessa, against a Boavista « extremely moralized » by the good start of I Liga, in which it is leader, coach Filipe Martins took over this Saturday.

« It is always an advantage when we maintain the structure of a team, there is a greater identification of the players with the process. Petit has been at Boavista for some time, they have six points, of which three were won against the national champion. They are extremely moralized, but, on the other side, there will be a team that is very confident in winning points at Bessa, knowing that it is a difficult trip », said the technician.

In a press conference previewing the match for the third round, Filipe Martins assured that the preparation this week took place « in a very normal way », without the vicissitudes of the reception to Sporting having shaken the footballers of the geese.

« This week we faced the preparation in a quite normal way, being aware that we are doing things well. The vicissitudes of the last game cannot shake us. I did not feel that the team was shaken by what happened. I felt the players very focused on what they control and on the strategy for the next game », he stressed.

Last week, Paulinho’s first goal, in the 2-1 triumph for « Leonine », was, incorrectly, validated, since the striker was in an offside position, in an error assumed by the Federation’s Arbitration Council Portuguese Football.

« These are those mistakes that nobody wants to make, because they can’t be overlooked. It was a human error and it wasn’t intentional. That’s math. , he stated.

A few days before the closing of the transfer market, Filipe Martins noted that there will only be more entries in case of exits, not « closing » the squad yet.

« Until the end of the market, there may be exits and entries, knowing that entries are dependent on exits. If there is, we’ll have to adjust. We don’t want to have a vast squad, we want to have it competitive, but where everyone feels important » , expressed.

The young midfielder Samuel Justo, announced this week on loan precisely from Sporting, is fit and will travel with the team to Porto, integrating the squad, while Rafael Brito and Kiki Silva continue to be absent from Casa Pia, due to injury.

Casa Pia, with three points, visit Boavista, leader, with six points, in a match for the third round of the I Liga, at Estádio do Bessa, in Porto, at 3:30 pm on Sunday, with the refereeing of Bruno Pires Costa, from association of Viana do Castelo.

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