″There is a healthy and peaceful relationship between SAD and Boavista″

Vítor Murta, president of Boavista, on Podcast Axadrezado, a platform for disseminating issues related to the club

SAD resignation request: « I will not give up defending Boavista’s interests. There were decisions that I did not agree with and I showed my indignation. I did not resign, what I did was have a conversation with Gerard (Lopez) and we discussed our ideas, which ended up be convergent. I’ve made mistakes many times, but I will always defend Boavista’s interests. »

Relationship with Gerard Lopez: « Gerard and I have a good relationship of closeness and friendship. We don’t need to always be together, but I will not stop defending Boavista’s interests and he will do the same. »

Gerard’s absence at Bessa: « He entered at a time of great difficulty for Boavista, in the post-covid-19 period. If he hadn’t entered at that moment, Boavista would certainly not be in the I League. He was essential for this to happen. »

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