Statements by Petit, Boavista coach, in the preview of the reception to Casa Pia, scheduled for 3:30 pm on Sunday

Petit looked forward to welcoming Casa Pia, hoping to see the winning series extended at the start of the championship, trusting the players’ response, even knowing the troubled circumstances surrounding the panther.

« We have to be like ourselves, what we did was the merit of the players, there is a team and group growth. There were weeks of evolution, we are taking advantage of the strong base that carries over from last season. We are aware of the ideas of Casa Pia, only changed one or another detail in the way of defending. We have to come in strong and be balanced. You create opportunities and allow few to the opponent. It will be, once again, a Boavista fighting for the three points », underlined the chess coach, recognizing the difficulties of his work, without reinforcements and with successive news of overdue wages.

« We wanted to have two players per position but we know the reality that the club is going through. This is our day-to-day, we are trying to improve the players to give the best response. The squad could be more competitive, I was satisfied with more solutions but I really believe in the evolution of the ones I have », he registered, also remembering the leadership that occurred last season with equal two victories in the opening of the League.

« It was also on matchday three that the draw with Casa Pia took place. But these are different times, different players, we really want to continue the good start of the championship. Being humble, with our feet on the ground. opportunities, despite the difficulties known by all. We want to give more joy to our supporters and to us », observed Petit, highlighting the internal cohesion in moments of undeniable tightness.

« I have to value the group I have, from the youngest to the oldest. They have been exceptional, working hard with a focus on training and the game, which is what we can control. We stick to each other and we grow », he praised the chess coach, not contemplating any departure from the squad at this stage, as the club is prevented from signing up new players.

« I spoke with the president that we cannot lose anyone, the championship is long and we know that the cycles vary, between positive and negative. It takes a strong group to overcome difficulties. There are no teams that can always maintain a high level », defended Petit, sharing his sensitivity to shield the group from salary torments.

« I never got caught up in difficulties, I’m worried about finding solutions. I look at the field but also at the locker room. The evolution, the friendship between everyone counts a lot. I had the experience of being a player, I try to be communicative with them and understand the day by day of each one to be able to help. Our success is in the union of all the departments », he stated, reporting on the progress in the clinical situations of Abascal and Sasso. « They’ve already started working but Filipe Ferreira also gave a good response as a centre-back. Let’s see », he shot.

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