Georgian from the B team will be close to reinforcing Petrolul, currently 4th. Romanian league standings

Giorgi Abuashvili, a 20-year-old left winger who plays for FC Porto’s B team, is being appointed to Petrolul, from Romania, a team that is close to losing Christian Irobiso to an emblem of the Saudi second division. Abuashvili is appointed by the local press as the person chosen to replace Irobiso and, according to information collected by O JOGO, the transfer is very well underway.

The Georgian arrived at FC Porto in 2021/22 to play in the Under-19s (he played 22 games and six goals), coming from Dinamo Tiblisi. Last season, he went up to the doubles, but, by Folha’s choice and, mainly due to injuries, he only made seven appearances. In the current campaign he hasn’t even been called up so leaving will be the outcome that will please him the most.

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