Extreme has a problem with the hamstring muscle. Central complained of a tendon in his foot and is closer to returning

João Muniz and Afonso Moreira were not called up for the Europa League and this was due to physical problems.

O JOGO knows that Afonso Moreira suffers from an injury to the hamstring muscle. The problem was contracted in team B’s last game, against 1.º de Outubro, in which they played 56 minutes. Downtime is expected to be around three weeks. The winger made his debut in the main team against Vizela and continued his progression in the secondary formation.

In the case of João Muniz, the problem is with a tendon in one foot, but the player is already, as THE GAME knows, in the final stages of recovery. The injury was sustained in the match between Portugal’s under-19s against Mexico, which took place in Slovenia for the Nations Cup. Muniz missed the Boys’ last match against 1.º de December, after starting the four previous games.

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