Statements by Alan Varela, reinforcement of FC Porto, in Dragões magazine

Interests of FC Porto: « I was very happy when my representative told me about FC Porto’s interest, I immediately told him that I wanted to come. And while the negotiations unfolded I wanted to play at Boca until the end, as long as possible. »

How important was the farewell at Bombonera and, even more so, in a Libertadores Cup match? « I lived a dream being able to play with Boca’s shirt at Bombonera. Those people give you a lot of affection, it’s something very beautiful, and I wanted to say goodbye to them at Bombonera, for all the affection they gave me. Fortunately, we managed to pass to the next stage, to the quarterfinals of the Libertadores. »

Was it important that FC Porto responded to the wish before formalizing the signing? « Yes, yes. It was a very important game for Boca and for me, who wanted to say goodbye to the fans. »

After the Libertadores, now the Champions: « The Copa Libertadores is a fantastic competition, I enjoyed it as much as I could, but now the Champions League follows, which is a very difficult tournament. I will face it in the best way and try to help the team in what is my responsibility. « 

Years in Buenos Aires: « It’s an unforgettable experience, I’ve had a lot of beautiful moments there. I’ve spent my whole career in the lower divisions and I’ve met a lot of people. I was very happy at Boca. »

Nicknamed « Invisible Man » for his ability to be on the pitch. Is it the main feature? « Yes, it can be one of my characteristics, but what really matters is that I can help the team. That’s what I always try to do. »

What other characteristics define you? « I can have a lot of presence in the midfield, it could be the quality of the pass… I have everything to improve here, at FC Porto. »

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