Español is preparing to add three seasons to the current bond, remaining connected until 2028, and the termination clause will skyrocket. At a time when he will be in the Champions League spotlight, Djaló will be subject to scrutiny of a superior caliber. The renewal is intended to reward the 24-year-old player’s good start to the season.

Álvaro Djaló is the player of the moment in Braga. The team’s top scorer in all competitions, with four goals (as many as Bruma’s), the Spanish winger rescued a point in the game against Sporting, the day before yesterday, thanks to a perfect free-kick, all this just a few days ago of the renewal of the contract being sealed. According to information collected by O JOGO, the Spanish winger is preparing to add three seasons to the current contract, that is, he will be linked until 2028 and will be, as it seems, protected by a clause of 40 million euros, the double the current one, although this last point is not yet fully closed.

The contract renewal and the new termination clause are intended to reward Djaló’s excellent start to the season, offering him even better salary conditions, an incentive to continue to evolve in a season in which he will be under the spotlight of the Champions, soon high caliber potential stakeholders.

Known so far for his intoxicating dribbling, above-average speed and ability to unbalance as a secret weapon, coming off the bench, the winger added another weapon to his technical arsenal the day before yesterday. Against the lions, Álvaro Djaló made his debut scoring for the main team with a direct free-kick, a specialty that had only been seen in the under-23 and B team. tests that he repeats in training sessions until he finds the perfect aim, so the execution of the shot took everyone by surprise except his teammates and the technical team.

Without Ricardo Horta and Abel Ruiz, called up to the selections, the number 14 now winks at eleven in the game against Moreirense, which was delayed, scheduled for Saturday, all the more so as he is able to play on the wing or as a striker. Used in 48 games, Djaló has nine goals and seven assists.

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