Atlético-MG updated the situation of midfielder Hyoran, who has been out of action since the beginning of the month due to an injury. The player can become a “reinforcement” for coach Felipão already at the weekend, against Athletico-PR.

Hyoran was injured in the match in which Atlético was eliminated from Libertadores to Palmeiras, when an injury to the adductor of his thigh was diagnosed. The player had returned from a more serious ankle ligament injury a week ago. This Wednesday (30), the midfielder was released to start the physical transition.

As the transition started a few days before the game against Athletico-PR, it is more likely that Hyoran will be available for the next game, against Botafogo, on September 16, at the MRV Arena.

Zaracho also returned, but had an off-field problem

Midfielder Matías Zaracho was another one who started the physical transition period this week to return to the pitch. He has been out since Aug. 2, having missed five games in that span. The Argentine had a better chance of being available to Felipão for the weekend, but he received the news of his father’s death this Wednesday and was released to return to Argentina. Therefore, his presence against Athletico-PR is uncertain, with more chances of not happening.

Atlético has some embezzlements

In the match against Santos last Sunday (27), Atlético saw Battaglia and Maurício Lemos receive their third yellow card. With that, they are suspended for the next game. The card for the Argentine midfielder was even a criticism that football director Rodrigo Caetano made after the game:

– It’s no use punishing me, if I have to come here, complain and defend the Rooster every day, they’ll continue to punish me. We want equality in everything. Today we had to calm down Battaglia because, in the game against Flamengo, he lost two teeth and it wasn’t even a fault. Today, a bid with much less strength, gets yellowed and is out of the next game. Will I be silent?

For the next game, Bruno Fuchs should be the substitute for Maurício Lemos. As for Battaglia’s vacancy, there is an unknown, as Alan Franco, a natural substitute, suffered a blow and sprained his right knee. Therefore, the Ecuadorian is doubtful. Edenilson may be chosen, in that case. Another option is for Felipão to choose to use a formation with three defenders.

In addition, Atlético, so far, will not have Guilherme Arana. The side was punished by the STJD with two games of suspension and became an embezzlement for Galo against Hurricane. The punishment for the Galo player is due to the red card he received in the match against Goiás, on July 17, after hitting his opponent in the face with an elbow. The alvinegro filed an appeal to suspend the decision until the full judgment.

Who is also doubtful whether he can be in the Ligga Arena or not, depending on the STJD, is Felipão. The coach was punished for two games by the Supreme, but Galo managed to appeal for him to be on the edge of the field at the MRV Arena debut. Now, the final judgment will be held on Thursday. If the suspension is maintained, Felipão will not have the reunion with Athletico-PR, his former club.

hulk is hanging

Who is available against Athletico-PR, but can become an embezzlement for the next game, is Hulk. The striker received the second yellow card when he waxed to leave the field in the match against Santos. If he is also warned against Hurricane, he will not be available to face the leader Botafogo in the next game.

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