Atlético-MG makes a profit of almost R$ 1 million with the first game at Arena MRV

Atlético-MG made a profit of almost R$ 1 million in the first official game they played at their stadium, Arena MRV. The Galo did not have all the capacity of the venue released and had to settle for less than 30,000 people.

In the match’s financial bulletin, it was informed that the total collection was R$ 1,962,077.75. The sector that earned the most money for Atlético was the inter south/east, which alone raised R$ 392,490.00. The one that yielded the least was part of the Inter Leste section, which had a surprising sale, earning R$135. authorities and services.

Atlético did not have the Arena MRV fully released, which would be 44,982 seats. BH City Hall released only 30,000 tickets, but the final result in the first match at Arena MRV was 29,782.

Subtracting the collection of almost R$ 2 billion with expenses, which were R$ 996,367.15, Atlético had a final profit of R$ 965,710.60. As Arena MRV is an Atlético stadium, all proceeds go to the club’s coffers.

How was the first MRV Arena game?

Atlético faced Santos in the first official game at Arena MRV. On the field, Galo beat the São Paulo team 2-0, with two goals from Paulinho and two assists from Hulk. Despite the victory and the party, there were problems with the pitch. In the second half, the match was stopped for a few minutes to repair the grass in one of the areas.

Author of the first first in the history of the stadium, Paulinho enshrined the prophecy he made when he arrived at Atlético, in December 2022. He said he dreamed of scoring the first goal at the MRV Arena. In February 2023, he visited the stadium for the first time and again spoke of his desire to score goals in the Atletico field for the first time.

Despite the party, Atlético won embezzlements

In the match against Santos, Atlético saw Battaglia and Maurício Lemos receive their third yellow card. With that, they are suspended for the next game. The card for the Argentine midfielder was even a criticism that football director Rodrigo Caetano made after the game:

– It’s no use punishing me, if I have to come here, complain and defend the Rooster every day, they’ll continue to punish me. We want equality in everything. Today we had to calm down Battaglia because, in the game against Flamengo, he lost two teeth and it wasn’t even a fault. Today, a bid with much less strength, gets yellowed and is out of the next game. Will I be silent?

For the next game, Bruno Fuchs should replace Maurício Lemos, while Alan Franco should take over from Battaglia, who is the current captain of the team. Without the steering wheel, the banner should go to Guilherme Arana’s arms.

In addition to those suspended, Atlético also lost midfielder Alan Franco in the match against Santos. The player, who came on at halftime, suffered a sprain in his right knee and is undergoing physiotherapy.

Another embezzlement that Atlético may have for the next game is left-back Guilherme Arana. He was not warned against Santos, but was punished this Tuesday (29) by the STJD for an expulsion in July, against Goiás. Rooster Duel. The alvinegro will appeal the decision to have the side available.

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