The biggest organized crowd of Atlético-MG, Galoucura, lent itself to the role of “going hunting” for attacker Vargas this Sunday night (3), in Belo Horizonte. Fans who went to the venue where the striker, who is off duty, was supposed to be, did not find him, but left a threatening video.

Led by the president of the organization, Josimar Júnior, Galoucura posted a video on social networks where they went to a concert hall in the west region of Belo Horizonte. They received a “complaint” that Eduardo Vargas was enjoying his day off, conceived by Atlético for the players. However, getting there, they did not find the player. Reports state that he learned of the situation and managed to leave the house before the fans arrived.

It is worth mentioning that all Atlético players got three days off after last Saturday’s (2nd) draw against Athletico-PR in Curitiba. That’s because there will be a Fifa date and the club will only play again on September 16. Some opted to stay in BH, like Vargas, while others traveled, like striker Hulk, who is suspended for the next game. Players need to return to work on Wednesday (6).

Without finding Vargas, Josimar Júnior recorded a video alongside the other members of Galoucura in which he leaves threats to the striker and other players in the Atlético squad: “Every player has the right to live his life and we are not even f*cked if he is surrendering . But this son of a p * is not fixing anything at Galo and still wants to stay only in cachaça, he thinks that Galo’s money is what? ”, The president of the crowd began to say.

– Here’s the deal, for the board: if this guy doesn’t terminate the contract, the ‘stuff is going to go crazy’. And that’s not a threat, no. For players who come here to drink, like Vargas, Patrick and Edenilson, BH will be in a climate that is not even hostile, it is unpleasant – he added.

Josias also mentions that fans like him leave “family, son and everything at home” in order to help Atlético, and that BH “is not a leisure area” for club players. The president of the organization again mentioned that, if they find out about a player on a “roll”, they will continue to go after them to “charge”.

Vargas for Atlético

Big name of the historic 2021 campaign and main player of Atlético-MG in the final stretch of 2022, being largely responsible for securing the team in the pre-Libertadores, striker Eduardo Vargas was little used by Galo in 2023, becoming the target of the fans and seeing his minutes drop even more with Felipão.

In 2023, Vargas has a good number of games (31), but with low minutes, with an average of less than 45 minutes per game, that is, he does not usually stay on the field all the time. He did not enter the field against Athletico-PR and did not participate in Atlético’s meager draw in Curitiba. All season he is actually way down with just three goals and one assist. His name is constantly booed by the crowd in pre-games at Galo at home, when the narrator announces the lineup, saying the names of starters and substitutes.

Fewer opportunities with Felipão

Vargas seemed to have the appreciation of Eduardo Coudet who, despite not seeing the Chilean as a starter, always put him on the field. It is true that, for a long time, the player was the only attacking option on the bench, as Paulinho and Hulk were in the starting line-up, Alan Kardec was injured and Pavón suspended. But with the arrival of Felipão, Vargas was practically sidelined.

Of Felipão’s 15 games in charge of Atlético, Vargas only entered the field in six, none of them as a starter. The Chilean adds just 131 minutes with the experienced Brazilian coach, which is about 21 minutes per game he was on the pitch. The striker was not used much, not even in the bad sequence of 10 games without a win for Galo, who needed goals, but did not count on him for that.

Vargas’ numbers in 2023

  • 31 games – 13 as a starter (7 full)
  • 1337 minutes played – 43 minutes per game
  • 3 goals (Patrocinense, Democrata-GV and Internacional)
  • 1 assist (Tombense)
  • Last game as starter: 0x2 Corinthians (05/31) – left at halftime
  • Last goal: 2×0 Internacional (05/13)

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