Atlético-MG started the week with cryptic posts on social networks about Independência and a time on the timer. The posts point out that the revelation of what it is will happen on September 11, but the case has already leaked and it will be the famous Manto da Massa contest.

The Manto da Massa was created by Atlético in 2020, during the pandemic, in partnership with the then club material supplier, LeCoq. The campaign consists of fans designing a shirt, the best ones being chosen by a committee and then the fans voting to choose the winner.

There were three years of Manto da Massa with LeCoq, where more than 350,000 shirts were sold and a turnover of R$ 28 million was achieved. For 2023, Atlético no longer has LeCoq but Adidas as a supplier. The German brand will not participate in the contest and Galo will do things on its own.

Enigmatic posts on social networks indicate that the theme of the new Manto da Massa will be the 2013 Libertadores and Victor’s historic defense against Tijuana. The campaign turned 10 this season. The last one, in 2022, had as its theme the MRV Arena, Atlético’s new stadium, inaugurated in 2023.

Delivery problems annoy Atlético fan

The 2022 Mantle of Massa caused a huge headache for the Atlético fan. The deliveries of shirts were delayed and many fans only received their uniforms with almost a year delay. Reports on social media about the delays are numerous. The problem happened because Atlético had late payment for the company that makes the deliveries.

For 2023, many fans have already stated that, due to the problems they had with the Manto da Massa 2022, they will not want to buy the new shirt.

How does the Manto da Massa work?

In the first stage of Manto da Massa, Atlético informs what the theme will be and what needs to be on the shirts for them to be initially approved to enter the council’s choice. For example, they may prohibit the use of red. That is, any shirt with red is already discarded. Or they require a reference to São Victor, if not, it will also be discarded.

In the second stage, any fan can register and send his shirt. You don’t have to be a designer or anything like that. Even fans of other teams can try their luck. The important thing, always, is to follow the rules and statute of Atlético. Afterwards, the shirts go to a council by Galo, who usually choose 13 shirts that they consider to be the best fit for the idea.

In the final part, the 13 shirts are voted open to the public. The winner is revealed, and the designer usually wins some prizes, including his custom-made shirt when it’s ready. The shirt’s creator follows its development in the factory. In some cases, it is necessary to make small adjustments, so it is necessary to consult who designed the mantle.

Mass Mantle Winners

In the first edition, in 2020, the winner was Flávio Markiewicz, with a “classic” Atlético shirt, with black and white stripes, but with different details, such as the shape of the club’s shield on the back. In 2021, the winner was Lucas Adriano, who innovated by making a shirt with the map of Minas Gerais, seeking to represent the Galo fan in all regions of his home state. Finally, the winner of the last competition was Will Rios, who designed a predominantly black T-shirt, but which tells the whole story of Atletica until he reached his dream home.

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