Botafogo will have a special crowd this Sunday, against Bahia, for the Brazilian Championship. John Textor, owner of the club’s SAF, is present at Nilton Santos to follow the match valid for the 21st round of the competition. He even arrived at the stadium on the same bus as the players.

Before the ball rolled, John Textor went up to the lawn and was greeted by the fans. The American businessman even took an Olympic tour around the stadium greeting the fans alongside striker Tiquinho Soares, who is recovering from an injury to his left knee. Textor still picked up a flag from the crowd in front of the East Sector.

Botafogo honors Lucas Perri

Botafogo took advantage of Textor’s presence to honor goalkeeper Lucas Perri. This Sunday, he completes 50 games with Botafogo’s shirt. Thus, the player received a special shirt, with a commemorative patch, straight from the hands of the owner of the SAF from Botafogo. Football director André Mazzuco also participated in the tribute.

John Textor has been in Rio de Janeiro since last Friday. The American even attended the clubs’ training sessions in the last two days at Espaço Lonier, CT in Botafogo. He spoke with the players and coach Bruno Lage.

Owner of the Botafogo SAF, Textor hadn’t been to Rio de Janeiro since mid-July, when he was present at coach Bruno Lage’s presentation. On the occasion, he also went to the Botafogo game against Patronato, in Argentina, for the Copa Sudamericana.

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